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Business Analyst Role

Business Analyst in Tech: Roles, Responsibilities & Skills

Team Extension Model

What Is Team Extension Model?

Time and Material Model

What Is Time and Material Model?

Dedicated Team Model

What Is Dedicated Team Model?

Fixed Cost Model

What Is Fixed Cost Model?


What Is Outsourcing?


What is Outstaffing?

Remote Team

What Is Remote Team?

Offshore Team

What Is Offshore Team?

Nearshore Team

What Is Nearshore Team?

Onshore Software Development

What Is Onshore Software Development?

Service Level Agreement

What Is Service Level Agreement?

Non-Disclosure Agreement

What Is Non-Disclosure Agreement?

Front-End Developer

What Is Front-End Developer?

Back-End Developer

What Is Back-End Developer?

Full-Stack Developer

What Is Full-Stack Developer?

DevOps Engineer

What Is DevOps Engineer?

Quality Assurance Engineer

What Is Quality Assurance Engineer?

UI Designer

What Is UI Designer?

UX Designer

What Is UX Designer?

Scrum Master

What Is Scrum Master?

Data Scientist

What Is Data Scientist?

Product Owner

What Is Product Owner?

Cloud Engineer

What Is Cloud Engineer?

IT Project Manager

What Is IT Project Manager?

Technical Lead

What Is Technical Lead?

Cross-Functional Team

What Is Cross-Functional Team?

Scope of Work

What Is Scope of Work?

Agile Methodology

What Is Agile Methodology?

Business Process Outsourcing

What Is Business Process Outsourcing?

Turnkey Solution

What Is Turnkey Solution?

Managed IT Services

What Are Managed IT Services?

Scrum Framework

What is Scrum Framework?

Kanban Methodology

What Is Kanban Methodology?

Key Performance Indicators

What Are Key Performance Indicators?

Technology Stack

What Is Technology Stack?

Engagement Model

What Is Engagement Model?

Collaboration Tools

What Are Collaboration Tools?

Staff Augmentation

What Is Staff Augmentation?

Lean Methodology

What Is Lean Methodology?

Risk Management

What Is Risk Management?

Offshore Development Center

What Is Offshore Development Center?

Global Delivery Model

What Is Global Delivery Model?

Knowledge Process Outsourcing

What Is Knowledge Process Outsourcing?

Cost Reduction

What Is Cost Reduction?

Distributed Workforce

What Is Distributed Workforce?

Hybrid Team

What Is Hybrid Team?

Employee Leasing

What Is Employee Leasing?

Compliance Management

What Is Compliance Management?


What Is Onshoring?

Third-Party Service Provider

What is Third-Party Service Provider


What Is Co-sourcing?


What Is Multisourcing?

Work Breakdown Structure

What Is Work Breakdown Structure?

Milestone Tracking

What is Milestone Tracking?

Project Stakeholder

What is a Project Stakeholder?

Workload Management

What Is Workload Management?

Skill Gap Analysis

What Is Skill Gap Analysis?

Waterfall Methodology

What Is Waterfall Methodology?

Project Lifecycle

What Is Project Lifecycle?

Total Cost of Ownership

What Is Total Cost of Ownership?

Continuous Integration

What Is Continuous Integration?

Continuous Deployment

What Is Continuous Deployment?

Flexible Staffing

What Is Flexible Staffing?

IT Contractor

What Is IT Contractor?

Extended Development Team

What Is Extended Development Team?

Managed Service Provider

What is Managed Service Provider?

On-Demand Workforce

What is On-Demand Workforce?

Turnkey Project

What is a Turnkey Project?


What Is DevSecOps?

Database Administrator

What Is Database Administrator?

Data Analyst

What Is Data Analyst?

Product Manager

What Is Product Manager?

Software Architect

What Is Software Architect?

ETL Developer

What Is ETL Developer?

Application Lifecycle Management

What Is Application Lifecycle Management?

Automation Engineer

What Is Automation Engineer?

Embedded Software Engineer

What Is Embedded Software Engineer?

Solutions Architect

What Is Solutions Architect?

Software Debugging

What Is Software Debugging?

Cloud Development

What is Cloud Development?

Data Governance

What Is Data Governance?

API Developer

What Is API Developer?

Cloud Architect

What Is Cloud Architect?

Business Intelligence Developer

What Is Business Intelligence Developer?

Cross-Platform Development

What Is Cross-Platform Development?

Big Data Engineer

What Is Big Data Engineer?

A/B Testing

What Is A/B testing?

Cybersecurity Analyst

What Is Cybersecurity Analyst?

Software Compliance

What Is Software Compliance?

Functional Testing

What Is Functional Testing?

Workflow Automation

What Is Workflow Automation?

Continuous Delivery

What Is Continuous Delivery?

Build-Operate-Transfer Model

What Is Build-Operate-Transfer Model?

Research and Development Center

What Is Research and Development Center?

Accessibility Engineer

What Is Accessibility Engineer?

Web Developer

What Is Web Developer?

Mobile App Developer

What Is Mobile App Developer?

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