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    .NET Development

Once you hire .NET developers at EXB Soft, you can begin your journey and witness the remarkable results from day one.

Desktop applications

Our experts excel in a full range of .NET desktop development projects, from initial estimation and discovery to modernization, maintenance, and support. They are committed to delivering tailored solutions that cater to your needs, going beyond mere time reports.

Web development

Hire dedicated .NET developers at EXB Soft for building reliable and tailored web applications. With wide experience across various industries, we guarantee affordable .NET Core web development services that cater to diverse business domains.

Enterprise .NET software

Our developers excel in creating advanced distributed enterprise applications, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and customer relationship management (CRM) systems. They utilize the power of C# and C++ programming languages along with the .NET

Mobile applications

Hire .NET programmers at EXB Soft to craft cutting-edge mobile apps that empower your organization's growth. Using the flexibility of .NET Core, our professionals will create fully functional mobile apps for various devices, including Android and iOS.

Machine learning apps

Get exceptional .NET application development services that cater to diverse needs. Our expert team of developers specializes in creating high-quality apps with advanced features, including predictive models, speech processing, and vision algorithms.

Cloud-based applications

Experience our comprehensive .NET development services, specializing in the creation of cloud applications that seamlessly operate across various web portals. With the power of .NET software, gain control, flexibility, and timely delivery.


Gathering requirements

You provide comprehensive details about your project requirements and describe the desired outcomes you expect.


Interview and hiring process

We identify developers who are a perfect match for your needs. You receive resumes, select and then hire a dedicated .NET developer or a group of developers.


Start of cooperation

Once you have selected your team, you can begin your .NET development journey and witness the results from day one.

Language interoperability

It is a language-neutral framework, which means that the developers can use it with various programming languages. There is no need to redesign the code any time a new language has to be used. Such features make working with the .NET Core development tools more convenient and time-efficient.

Platform-agnostic framework

From web applications to desktop software and mobile applications, .NET developers can harness the technology for diverse purposes. The platform-agnostic nature of the framework enables smooth operation across diverse operating systems, facilitating convenient application portability.


Microsoft, the developer behind the framework, places a strong emphasis on security. They offer a comprehensive set of services that enhance security maintenance for ASP.NET programmers. These measures enable IT service providers to effectively monitor and mitigate issues.

Improved efficiency

The .NET software development framework enhances developer efficiency through the introduction of language constructs like Language Integrated Query (LINQ). Renowned for its speed, the technology delivers fast response times while optimizing hardware resources.

Cloud compatibility

.NET technology offers developers extensive flexibility and scalability options when working on cloud projects utilizing the power of Microsoft Azure. Furthermore, .NET applications are widely adopted and compatible with services provided by other leading cloud software platforms like GCP and AWS.

Understanding your niche

Our .NET developers are carefully selected for their expertise and understanding of your specific business domain. They are dedicated to delivering exceptional applications that exceed your expectations. With a wide range of experience in various industries, our specialists are equipped to work with businesses of any size.

Ensuring trustworthiness

Each collaboration begins with the signing of a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to ensure strict confidentiality. We guarantee complete discretion and 100% intellectual property rights, providing you with peace of mind. Our clients trust us with their ideas, and we consistently transform them into fully functional projects with the utmost security.

Extensive expert knowledge

Our .NET developers excel in solution architecture, systems administration (Windows, Linux), backend development (Java, Python, JavaScript, and more), cloud engineering (Azure, AWS, GCP), and quality assurance. They can enhance your product at every stage of the development process, accelerating delivery and ensuring a seamless experience.

Business Analysis and Developement for anonymous reporting channel.
Business Analysis and Developement for anonymous reporting channel.

Requirement analysis and development for anonymous reporting channel Web App

Online banking system development
Online banking system development

The project required a specific technical challenge to develop the system as quickly as possible and launch it almost immediately.

Software Development Services for Online Marketplace
Software Development Services for Online Marketplace

The customer decided to upgrade to more advanced development technologies. The initial task was to work with the front/back end development.

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