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    Hire Docker

Start your journey towards developing containerized applications for your clients by taking the initial and most important step. Hire Docker experts at EXB Soft and have complete confidence in building your application without any risk.

​​Docker consulting services

Are you considering embarking on Docker development but feeling uncertain about where to begin? EXB Soft experts are here to carefully analyze your ideas, assist you in making informed decisions, and implement the optimal solutions for your organization.

Docker development services

Our seasoned Docker developers are equipped with extensive experience in crafting exceptional container journeys. Over the years, They are assisting organizations in constructing dockerized applications for both on-premise and cloud infrastructures.

Docker container services

Docker containers are powerful software packages that simplify the process of running, deploying, and testing applications. Our professionals excel in constructing standardized containers that encompass all the necessary components to effortlessly run your software.

Docker managed services

Leverage the expertise of EXB Soft professionals for end-to-end Docker app containerization and development, covering the entire process from start to finish. Also, our experts integrate containers with platforms like EKS, and GKE, enhancing the adoption process.

Docker implementation

When it comes to setting up the Docker environment, expert support and guidance are essential. That's precisely what EXB Soft specialists provide. Our team will assist you in effortlessly configuring the Docker application within your existing environment.

Docker support & maintenance

With round-the-clock support and assistance, our professionals ensure the continuous and efficient operation of your application. EXB Soft experts are available 24/7 to address any issues and maintain its optimal workability throughout the day.


Requirement gathering

Share detailed information about your project requirements and outline the desired outcomes you expect.


Interview and selection

We carefully evaluate and identify experts who perfectly align with your needs. You receive resumes and choose developers.


Start of collaboration

Once you have chosen your team, you can embark on your workflow and start witnessing results right from day one.

Improved portability

Docker containers offer a distinct advantage over LXC containers as they can run seamlessly and without modifications across various environments, including desktops, data centers, and cloud platforms.

Easier updates

Docker containers are designed to execute a single process at a time. This unique feature empowers Docker engineers to build applications that can continue running even when specific components are being updated or repaired.

Container versioning

Container images can be versioned and rolled back. Docker makes it possible to track the Docker engineer responsible for building the image. Also, Docker allows one to upload and compare the differences between two image versions.

Reusable containers

Existing containers can be leveraged as a foundation for new ones, saving time and effort. Benefit from configurations, dependencies, and settings for streamlined container creation. Ensure reliability in your containerized apps.

Auto containerization

Simplify container building with Docker's automation. Build containers directly from source code. Eliminate manual configuration and speed up deployment. Enhance development efficiency with streamlined workflows.

On-time project delivery

Our experienced Docker solution architects excel in seamlessly integrating Docker with leading platforms such as Microsoft Azure, Kubernetes, Google Cloud Platform, AWS, and Oracle Container Cloud Service. Trust in our specialists to meet all project deadlines efficiently.

Effective communication

Our Docker developers possess exceptional communication skills, ensuring smooth collaboration throughout the project. Working with EXB Soft guarantees a seamless experience, helping you reduce software licensing costs while providing complete peace of mind.

Custom engagement models

Discover the ideal flexible engagement models with us. Hire a single Docker developer or group of experts, shrinking or expanding the team when needed. Benefit from the expertise of EXB Soft and find the perfect fit collaboration variant for your unique business demands.

Software Development Services for Online Marketplace
Software Development Services for Online Marketplace

The customer decided to upgrade to more advanced development technologies. The initial task was to work with the front/back end development.

Software Development Team Extension
Software Development Team Extension

A Dutch technology company wanted to find and hire outsourced skilled developers so they could grow their team and gain more flexibility.

White label application
White label application

Needed a platform to create one`s own project with no programming skills and suitable to run on iOS and Android.

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