What Is Total Cost of Ownership?

Total Cost of Ownership

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) helps us see the whole picture of what we're spending on our IT stuff. This includes extra costs like keeping things running smoothly, getting help when we need it, and making sure we're covered if something goes wrong.

There are a bunch of different things that can change the TCO, and it can be tricky to figure it out without the right tools to keep track of everything.

What Does the Total Cost of Ownership Include?

TCO tells us about all the costs from the start to the end of owning an IT asset. This includes:

  • How much it costs to buy;
  • Costs to set it up and get it running;
  • Training people to use it;
  • Fees for legal stuff and using software;
  • Costs for hosting it on servers;
  • Getting help and support;
  • Keeping the hardware and software working well;
  • Adding up all these costs helps businesses understand what they're really spending on each piece of IT equipment or software, and what the total cost is when they want to get something new. It also helps them figure out which option is the best deal in the long run.

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