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    React Development

Hire React developers and start working with them. Experience tangible results from day one, with our developers dedicated to achieving your project goals.

Single-page applications

Our developers specialize in crafting SPAs that seamlessly engage users and dynamically update content without page reloads. Experience the magic of a back end capable of real-time information updates on the visible page. Hire dedicated React developers and elevate your SPA development expertise.

Web apps development

Experience the speed and expertise of our developers in creating a fully functional web app with a sleek user interface, leveraging the numerous benefits of the React.js frontend library. At EXB Soft, we ensure the timely delivery of web applications, always keeping the commitment to scheduled deadlines.

Migration to React

Simplify the implementation of React features for your organization. Our React development company excels in encapsulating the architecture's source code into reusable React components. EXB Soft developers will update your application seamlessly, eliminating complexities and challenges along the way.

Maintenance and support

We provide ongoing maintenance services to ensure the continued success of your apps. Hire remote Кeact developer at EXB Soft to handle tasks such as bug fixes, security updates, compatibility improvements, and feature enhancements. Partner with us to keep your React applications running smoothly.

Architecture building

A solid architecture is key to ensuring easier maintenance and scalability. Our experts specialize in implementing diverse state management libraries like Redux, MobX, and Context API. Trust EXB Soft to create a sturdy foundation for your React application, enabling seamless growth and efficient management.

Consulting services

Within React development services, our consultants offer unparalleled guidance on ReactJS best practices, code quality, performance optimization, and overall architecture. With their assistance, your project will be finely tuned to align with your unique business requirements. Rely on our deep expertise.


Requirement analysis

Share in-depth project requirements and desired outcomes, allowing our team to fully understand the vision and objectives of your project.


Streamlined hiring process

Our expert team identifies the ideal professionals who perfectly match your needs. Review resumes, make selections, and hire React.js programmer or a cohesive team.


Seamless collaboration

Embark on your React.js journey as you onboard your chosen team. Experience tangible results from day one, with our developers dedicated to achieving your project goals.

Reusable code

React, a JavaScript library, empowers web developers to leverage the reusability of React components, enabling them to build similar functionalities with ease. By reusing React components, each instance contributes to a reduction in development time and overall costs, leading to increased efficiency and resource optimization.

Declarative nature

React developers benefit from automatic updates when modifying data in the user interface. Instead of manually replacing data in multiple parts, React handles the updates automatically. This declarative nature of React developer tools simplifies the process of introducing data modifications and allows for enhancing the code effortlessly as needed.


React, being a JavaScript library, simplifies the coding process significantly. One notable feature of React is the conversion of HTML elements into functions. This transformation adds simplicity to projects and enables React developers to concentrate their efforts on a unified technology platform.

Strong community

React.js, developed by Facebook, guarantees a high-quality product as it is backed by the company's reputation. The global React community actively supports and enhances React through regular updates and improvements, ensuring the reliability and security of engineers' projects, and providing them with peace of mind.

User experience

React technology leverages the virtual React DOM, enabling the creation of visually appealing interfaces that captivate users. Additionally, this technology guarantees optimal performance and fast-loading React solutions. The seamless combination of speed and elegance contributes to a growing base of satisfied use


To improve your ranking on Google, it is crucial to ensure that your solution is search engine-friendly. React is favored by Google as it renders pages without any bugs or issues, enhancing your SEO potential and CTR. By utilizing React, you can optimize your website's visibility and improve its performance in search engine rankings.

Flexible engagement models

Recognizing the distinct nature of every project, we prioritize flexibility to ensure a seamless collaboration that aligns with your budget, timeline, and desired level of involvement. Our adaptable approach fosters a streamlined development process, leading to a customized and efficient solution that perfectly meets your objectives.

Proactive risk management

Our developers identify and address potential issues early in the development process, resulting in a reduction of defects by up to 30% throughout the product's lifespan. By entrusting your project to our professionals, you benefit from a streamlined process that minimizes risks, optimizes resource allocation, and ensures a superior end product.

Diverse domain expertise

Our skilled React.js developers excel in crafting bespoke solutions that directly address your unique challenges while aligning with your business goals. When you hire React.js developer at EXB Soft, you can have full confidence that the end product will be a perfect fit for the specific needs of your industry.

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