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We help businesses

Scale their development capacity

We can quickly scale your existing team with backend and frontend developers, designers, and other experts to decrease downtime, facilitate project development, and reach new business goals.

Build a high-performing team of experts

We segment our developers not only by tech stack but also with industry expertise. It ensures business specifics understanding apart from quality code. We offer middle- and senior-level developers only.

Develop an app from scratch

Our teams help companies quickly elevate their value with custom app development by seasoned .NET and frontend experts selected with specific project needs in mind for better outcomes.

We specialize in .NET Development,
Angular and Quality Assurance

We are proud to help companies elevate their value, win the competition, and take their software solutions to a new level with our engineering teams.

Staff augmentation for Xuntos

Xuntos faced the urgent need to expand its in-house team with .NET developers. Internal problems were addressed quickly and effectively.

Online banking system development

The project required a specific technical challenge to develop the system as quickly as possible and launch it almost immediately.

.NET Development Team for TMS

The client asked for a working platform to make the product independent of one of the third-party services, optimize it and develop new functionality.


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