What Is Extended Development Team?

Extended Development Team

The extended development team model is a collaboration strategy where an organization augments its in-house software development capabilities by partnering with an external team. This collaboration aims to expand project capabilities and share the workload of specific projects.

This approach is best suited for long-term partnerships rather than short-term, deadline-driven projects. It offers a continuous collaboration that extends beyond the completion of a project, helping to fill any gaps in technical skills without the need to replace any of your current team members.

Optimal Situations for the Extended Development Team Model

The extended development team model is particularly effective in the following scenarios:

  • When your project is missing the necessary development skills and technical knowledge to meet essential business needs. This is a common situation for startups, which may benefit more from this model than from traditional IT outsourcing.
  • When the talent you need is available locally but too costly to hire directly.
  • When you're launching an innovative product and wish to assign some critical tasks to certified experts, allowing your in-house team to focus on their primary strengths.
  • When your project requires the support of dedicated software developers at certain stages.
  • When you aim to incorporate cutting-edge technologies and enhance your business's flexibility without increasing your full-time staff.
  • When you need additional support to adapt to changing requirements and speed up your software development cycle.
  • When you're looking to hire skilled developers within your budget, avoid the expenses associated with hiring and onboarding.
  • When your small team faces the challenge of completing a large-scale project on time.
  • This model offers a flexible and cost-effective solution to boost your development capacity and agility, tailored to fit various project demands and stages.

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