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EXB Soft possesses one of the most extensive pools of thoroughly screened Sass developers. Our candidates undergo comprehensive evaluations in their respective domains as well as assessments of their English language proficiency. Rest assured, we will assist you in discovering and recruiting the finest talent who is a perfect fit for your company.

Custom Sass development

Our specialists will write specific and targeted Sass code based on the unique requirements of your project. This could include creating custom stylesheets, modules, or libraries. They ensure that the code is not only functional but also efficient, scalable, and maintainable.

Sass refactoring services

EXB Soft developers will review and optimize your existing Sass codebase. Their primary goal is to improve the code's structure, efficiency, and maintainability, as well as to identify and remove any redundant or duplicate code.

Sass framework integration

Within this service, our specialists are integrating and customizing popular CSS frameworks like Bootstrap or Foundation using Sass. These frameworks often have Sass versions that allow for more customization and optimization compared to using the standard CSS version.

Sass migration services

EXB Soft professionals will assist your company in transitioning from other CSS preprocessors, like LESS or Stylus, to Sass. This can include rewriting the existing code, setting up the new Sass environment, and training the team on using Sass.

Sass maintenance and support

Our experts are providing ongoing support to ensure that the Sass codebase remains optimized and up-to-date. This can involve regular code reviews, refactoring, and updates based on changing project requirements or new Sass features.

Sass testing and quality assurance

EXB Soft specialists ensure that the Sass code is not only functioning as anticipated but also delivering superior performance. They employ stringent measures to identify and eliminate any potential bugs, ensuring a flawless codebase.


Requirement analysis

We invite you to offer an exhaustive overview of your project specifications, outlining the envisioned results you seek to achieve.


Recruitment phase

We pinpoint developers whose skills align seamlessly with your necessities and provide you with curated resumes.


Seamless collaboration

Embark on your React.js journey as you onboard your chosen team. Experience tangible results from day one, with our developers dedicated to achieving your project goals.

Easy customization

Sass empowers to conveniently tailor existing CSS frameworks to specific needs. By altering variables, crafting custom mixins, and expanding upon pre-existing styles, our experts can achieve a design uniquely suited to your project.

High efficiency

Leveraging Sass can significantly boost the efficiency of the workflow. It introduces a more structured method to craft CSS, promoting the reusability of styles. This approach leads to streamlined code and expedited development timelines.

Great scalability

As the project grows, Sass facilitates easy control over extensive stylesheets by dividing them into smaller, more manageable pieces. These pieces not only make the development process more organized but also greatly enhance the maintainability of the code.

Enhanced readability

Sass elevates the legibility of the codebase by permitting the use of self-explanatory variable names and nested selectors. This fosters a more intuitive understanding of the code structure, simplifying any future amendments for developers.

Trusted experts only

Every member of EXB Soft is a seasoned professional who can quickly adapt and integrate seamlessly into your projects. Our experts have the expertise to immediately make significant contributions and work in tandem with you to reduce the time it takes to get up to speed.

Effortless recruitment

We oversee all dimensions of billing procedures, financial transactions, and the enforcement of non-disclosure agreements. Entrust us with the responsibility of handling the administrative nuances so that you can direct your energies toward crafting unparalleled products.

Adaptable collaboration

Opt for the engagement style that aligns perfectly with your business needs — whether that's hourly, part-time, or full-time — and enjoy the flexibility to adjust your decision whenever necessary. We offer comfort and adaptability to suit your dynamic requirements.

Software Development Team Extension
Software Development Team Extension

A Dutch technology company wanted to find and hire outsourced skilled developers so they could grow their team and gain more flexibility.

Mobile App Development for Pricena
Mobile App Development for Pricena

The request was to develop a mobile application for iOS and Android. Requirements: high-quality code and a collaborative team, who takes ownership.

Business Analysis and Developement for anonymous reporting channel.
Business Analysis and Developement for anonymous reporting channel.

Requirement analysis and development for anonymous reporting channel Web App

Sass is a tool that makes writing styles for websites easier and faster. It lets you use features like variables and nested rules, which aren't available in regular CSS. Hiring a developer skilled in Sass technology means your website's design can be done more efficiently and be easier to change or update.

Sass testing helps find and fix styling errors before your website goes live. This means your website will look good and work well across different devices and browsers. Having a developer who knows how to test Sass ensures your website remains consistent and professional.

The Sass allows for writing code that is easier to read and maintain. It supports features like variables and mixing, which can make your website's code cleaner and more reusable. Hiring a Sass developer can make updating your website's design simpler and quicker.

EXB Soft employs stringent measures such as unit testing, end-to-end testing, and regular code reviews to ensure the Sass code functions as anticipated and delivers superior performance.

The process involves understanding your project specifications, providing curated resumes of developers, and ensuring a seamless onboarding and collaboration to achieve your project goals.

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