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Hand in your valuable projects

to the hands of carefully selected top developers. During our company’s career, we have worked with clients all over Europe as well as the USA, Australia, and Canada. Different business cultures, challenging projects, and road bumps were all important to bring us to the point where we currently are today.
We determine our company’s long term vision by joining our expertise towards our client’s end goal. This point of view proves that our power depends on not only the internal factors but on our relationship and communication quality with our clients.


We specialize in .NET development and Front end part,

which enables us to build complex solution for our customers. As Microsoft .Net is our primary specialization. Our team has deep expertise in Asp.Net, MVC, WPF, WinForms, Xamarin, WCF, .Net Core, Entity Framework, IIS, Azure and much more. As a .Net company we can build the entire solution using sole C# language what will lead to decreased cost for the development and support.

Competitive Advantages:

We want clients to work with us, not be forced to work with us, and we have a flexible setup to avoid vendor lock-in. When you build a development team with us, we cover the costs of recruitment and termination. You do not pay us anything until you find a developer who meets your requirements or terminate our collaboration.

For companies looking to establish teams of up to 20 people using a customer-centric and individual approach, EXB Soft offers the same level of high-call services as the top ten IT service providers. At EXB Soft, you will never be a number. We are at the crossroads of big and small.

EXB Soft services go beyond just hiring software developers. All teams receive a free HR Client Manager who will assist you in retaining your talents. In addition to hands-on development, we provide a variety of on-demand value-added services such as Quality Assurance or Azure DevOps on demand to supplement any additional needs a client may have.

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  • United States, +1 (415) 799-11-13
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  • Sweden, +46 (812) 11-14-80
  • Ukraine, +38 (066) 710-79-76