Who We Are

Software engineering services for your business.

Hi, I’m Vitaly, a Digital Enterpreneur based in Ukraine

My primary goal is to help people build better and more efficient products. I am capable of working on variety of areas such as strategic planning and rough prototyping at the early stages of development which directly results in adding a value to client's end-product.

Hand in your valuable projects

to the hands of carefully selected top developers. During our company’s career, we have worked with clients all over Europe as well as the USA, Australia, and Canada. Different business cultures, challenging projects, and road bumps were all important to bring us to the point where we currently are today.
We determine our company’s long term vision by joining our expertise towards our client’s end goal. This point of view proves that our power depends on not only the internal factors but on our relationship and communication quality with our clients.

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Head Office

Exb soft head office is located in Kharkiv, Ukraine. The city combines a huge pool of highly skilled developers with a geographical and cultural proximity to Western markets.