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Collaborate with top-tier Natural Language Processing developers, rigorously vetted and skilled tech professionals prepared to integrate into your team or develop a project from the ground up.

NLP Consulting

EXB Soft’s services enable you to capitalize on the newest innovations for your initiatives. Our NLP experts offer comprehensive support from strategic planning to execution, delivering customized insights and solutions.

Sentiment Analysis

Engage our professionals to understand customer sentiments and market dynamics. This service is essential for businesses aiming to enhance their product approaches and boost customer contentment.

Document Processing

Our Natural Language Processing developers will assist in optimizing the process of extracting and interpreting data from various documents, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in document management and analysis.

Entity Recognition

EXB Soft experts help companies pinpoint and classify crucial details within text data. Essential for effective data management and analysis, this service guarantees precision and efficiency.

Natural Language Generation

Our professionals excel in designing systems capable of producing text that closely resembles human writing. This service is perfect for tasks like automated report production, content creation, and beyond.

Fraud Detection

Within this service, our professionals assist companies in protecting themselves from fraudulent activities. By analyzing patterns and irregularities in text data, their solutions add an extra layer of security.

1. Understanding project needs

Our initial step involves the evaluation of your project's requirements. We delve into your concepts, goals, and the particular skill set required. This phase encompasses grasping the intricacies of your NLP-related tasks, be it text analysis, sentiment analysis, or chatbot creation, to identify the expertise needed for your project's success.

2. Finding the right candidates

After defining the project requirements, the EXB Soft team proceeds to the candidate sourcing stage. Leveraging our expertise, we employ strategic searches to identify suitable candidates within our network. We emphasize locating a technically skilled NLP engineer who aligns with your organizational culture and the objectives of your project.

3. Thorough candidate evaluation

In the third phase, we conduct an extensive screening of potential candidates. This includes technical evaluations, coding challenges, and problem-solving tasks specific to NLP. Through this, we gauge their expertise in crucial areas. We aim to ensure that every NLP expert we consider has a proven track record of successfully managing intricate projects.

4. Interviews and evaluations

In this stage, our team organizes comprehensive interviews allowing you to personally engage with the selected NLP candidates. This direct engagement is essential for assessing developers’ technical and interpersonal skills. It ensures that the NLP developer meets the project's needs and complements your team's dynamics and objectives.

5. Ongoing assistance and support

We oversee the integration of the selected NLP professionals into your team, ensuring a seamless onboarding experience. Our commitment extends to providing consistent follow-ups and support. This approach is designed to ensure the swift and effective adaptation of the NLP experts, enabling them to begin contributing to your project promptly

Only skilled professionals

Every professional in our pool is a seasoned expert, capable of quick ramp-up, seamless integration as a core team member, and collaboration to reduce onboarding time effectively.

Perfect match guarantee

The expertise of the EXB Soft team lies in finding the perfect match for your needs. We meticulously analyze your business peculiarities, to define the candidates that suit it best.

Flexible cooperation

Select from various engagement options — hourly, part-time, or full-time — to best suit your project requirements, with the flexibility to modify your choice at any time.

Effortless team scaling

Efficiently onboard talent. Adjust your team size up or down as your project demands, offering you complete flexibility without any long-term obligations.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a branch of Artificial Intelligence that focuses on computational linguistics. It enables computers to understand, interpret, and structure vital information hidden within unstructured data.
A robust Natural Language Processing Application encompasses various elements such as Machine Learning, Semantic Search, Speech Recognition, Information Exchange, Machine Translation, Spam Control, Sentiment Analysis, Summarization, and Question Answering capabilities.
Hiring NLP developers allows you to create systems that effectively process and respond to human language. They bring specialized knowledge in machine learning, linguistics, and AI, crucial for developing sophisticated applications such as chatbots, sentiment analysis tools, and smart data analysis platforms. Their skills can greatly improve user interaction, optimize operational processes, and extract meaningful insights from text-based data.

An NLP engineer should have a mix of technical and soft skills. Technically, they need to be adept in programming languages, understand data structures and algorithms, have experience with databases, be familiar with version control systems, and possess knowledge in software testing and debugging.

On the soft skills front, effective communication is key for collaboration with clients and team members. Strong problem-solving abilities are crucial for identifying and resolving issues. Time management is vital for meeting project deadlines, while a keen attention to detail ensures minor issues are addressed promptly. Additionally, adaptability is important to stay abreast of the constantly evolving tech landscape and changing project requirements.

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