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We provide professional web development services that assist your business in overcoming challenges and achieving high conversion and adoption rates.

Web Application Development Services

EXB Soft offers expert-level web development services to transform your concept into a high-quality web-based solution — exactly as you imagined. Our full-stack web developers have the programming skills and industry knowledge to build, integrate, and customize your website or application.

E-Commerce Web Development Services

Create an online store that provides a streamlined and user-friendly experience. Building full-scale ecommerce platforms to create seamless, scalable, and powerful online stores for e-commerce businesses of all sizes is one of our ecommerce web development services.

Cloud Development Services

With EXB Soft, a trusted offshore web development vendor, you can implement complex cloud app development projects to succeed in a data-driven world. Our cloud app development services are designed to transform the way businesses operate.

Third-party Service Integration

Harness the power of APIs to integrate essential data into your existing project, including payment providers, communication channels, and custom maps. Third-party integrations allow developers to benefit from a ready-made solution without having to develop their own software for the same purposes.

Web optimization services

EXB Soft’s experts will audit your web-based solutions and apps, using a variety of A/B tests to generate a plan of improvements to implement. The goal of website optimization is to increase traffic to a website, increase conversions, and, ultimately, revenue.

Web Quality Assurance

To ensure that the software functions properly, all web development services must include some form of QA and testing. In the end, quality assurance is all about producing the best possible product for your customers.

Staff augmentation

Add tech experts with the necessary skills and knowledge to achieve success. EXB Soft will submit the most suitable CVs of candidates to join your team.

Dedicated teams

Employ a dedicated development team to work under your supervision. Focus their combined efforts on achieving the best results while maintaining control over decision-making.

Managed delivery

Trust a trusted vendor to implement your plans on a turn-key basis, relieving you of the day-to-day management burden.

We are proud to help companies elevate their value, win the competition, and take their software solutions to a new level with our engineering teams.

Software Development Services for Online Marketplace
Software Development Services for Online Marketplace

The customer decided to upgrade to more advanced development technologies. The initial task was to work with the front/back end development.

Customer Software Development for Rider Level
Customer Software Development for Rider Level

Rider Level needed to develop the platform, which provides and regenerates GPS data into a ‘score’, where users can measure themselves.

Quality Assurance service for Service Fusion
Quality Assurance service for Service Fusion

Service Fusion demanded an efficient cost-effective analytics solution as well as configured the fully functional testing suite.

Title Experience Availability

If your project backlog is never-ending, adding an experienced developer to your in-house team is a great way to scale quickly and meet deadlines. Staff augmentation is typically project-based for development firms, with contracts ranging from a few weeks to a few years. We provide staff augmentation in software development, web application development, native mobile apps, database design, and custom integrations.

Among the most common places to hire web app developers are freelance platforms and any custom web development company. Flreelancers are sometimes cheaper, easier to find and manage. However, by hiring from a web development company, you get a reliable vendor able to replace your developer quickly if necessary, they make sure to find the best candidate based on your project requirements. According to our clients’ experience, hiring from a company is often a more high quality and flexible solution.

The starting point of a web developer hiring process is a choice of a hiring model: in-house, team augmentation, dedicated team or an available talent pool. Full team onboarding is estimated to take ~2-3 weeks, but EXB Soft can sometimes provide a team in 2 days! However, it all depends on your requirements so just contact us and we’ll estimate the time and costs required for your project.


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