Quality Assurance service for Service Fusion

Dedicated QA Team for Service Fusion with the full cycle of the testing process a skilled and experienced Quality Assurance & Software testing company to test our in-house developed Dynamic Business Process Management System (BPMS) and to help them hit the market in the shortest time frame possible.

The team has a strong understanding of software testing methodologies, high experience in testing business process management systems, and good experience testing dynamic datasets and application workflow systems.

  • Expertise and experience in software testing: The team has a strong understanding of software testing methodologies and experience in testing similar applications.
  • Knowledge of industry standards and regulations: the testing process should be included with relevant industry standards and regulations, such as ISO 9001, CMMI, and others.
  • Test automation capabilities: we should have the ability to perform both manual and automated testing and should be familiar with popular test automation tools.
  • Test management and reporting: The team had a system in place for managing tests, tracking defects, and reporting on testing progress.
  • Communication and collaboration: as a standard, we had clear and effective communication channels and should be willing to collaborate with our in-house team.
  • Data security and privacy: The team had strict data security and privacy protocols in place, and should be able to demonstrate their commitment to protecting our confidential information.
  • Performance Testing: we had a lot of performing extensive performance testing to ensure that the web application will stay deliver high performance to a large number of users with +100k records.
  • Security Testing: this is an important part of any system's security. It involves analyzing the system to uncover any potential vulnerabilities and then recommending solutions to address those vulnerabilities.

Main Goals

  • Provide regular status updates on testing progress and results.
  • Manual and automated tests are used to validate the system's functionality.
  • Report and track defects and issues with detailed steps and videos to illustrate how to replicate an issue clearly, and verify fixes. (Jira)
  • Ensure that software applications meet the latest market requirements and add value improvement to the system.
  • Conduct Non-functional testing activities.


  • EXB Soft Quality Assurance experts developed an efficient cost-effective analytics solution as well as configured the fully functional testing suite.
  • The team has generated many unit tests as well as complete end-to-end testing mechanisms which are being used at this very moment.
  • In terms of fulfilling the client’s needs which was related to the Angular technology stack, the engineers have chosen the most suitable and efficient toolset and carry the whole work according to instructions.


As an end result, EXB Soft developed and configured test reports according to the client’s when / then conditions. The solution is also easy to support and can be extended under any condition. They have also provided recommendations for the UI/UX development path and suggested some improvements.

Please send us more information about how can we help you with testing your project.

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