What Is Cross-Functional Team?

Cross-Functional Team

Cross-functional teams combine individuals from various departments and expertise levels to work towards a unified objective. These teams are characterized by their diverse skill sets yet united by a common goal, especially prevalent in IT sectors.

Characteristics of a Cross-Functional Team

  • Diversity of Skills: Members bring different functions, capabilities, and responsibilities.
  • Unified Objective: Despite diversity, all members share industry-specific knowledge, like IT, and focus on shared goals.

Example team composition

A typical IT cross-functional team might include a product manager, customer success specialist, lead UI/UX designer, QA specialist, and senior engineers, working collectively from concept to product release.


These teams are particularly effective in microservices architecture, promoting individual accountability and innovation. Their structure allows for agility, responsiveness, and effective management, even when team members are distributed across locations.

Challenges in managing

Implementing cross-functional teams may face hurdles such as governance support, communication barriers, and cultural resistance. Overcoming these requires strong leadership, clear role distribution, and embracing new working methods.

Roles in a Cross-Functional IT Team

In IT projects, roles like product managers, team leads, and project managers work collaboratively, focusing on different aspects of production and ensuring deliverables are met.

  • Product Owners and Managers focus on product development.
  • Team Leads and Engineering Managers guide the development process.
  • Additional roles include Software Developers, Quality Assurance Engineers, Software Testers, and UX/UI Designers.

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