What Is Multisourcing?


Multisourcing is the process of contracting multiple service providers for outsourcing, which is a conventional strategy to meet increasing business needs.

This approach contrasts with traditional in-house services or single-source outsourcing by incorporating a combination of external services and some of the company's internal resources to manage operations and technological frameworks.

Benefits of Multisourcing for Businesses

Businesses opt for multisourcing for various reasons, including:

Risk reduction and service quality enhancement

Multisourcing spreads vendor-related risks, aiding enterprise risk management. It promotes competition among providers, which can lower costs of ongoing services and enhance service quality and provider collaboration.

Competitive advantage

By fostering supplier competition, multisourcing prevents dependence on a single supplier for comprehensive services over extended periods, broadening the scope of services through multiple sources.

Workforce flexibility

Multisourcing meets staffing needs without the permanent hiring and training expenses, offering significant budgetary savings. It provides the flexibility to engage additional staff as needed for seasonal or cyclical projects and to disengage them afterward.


Outsourcing through multisourcing is straightforward, cost-effective, and minimizes risks with no long-term binding contracts. Providers often allow trials of projects and services before formal partnerships are established.

Core business focus

Similar to traditional outsourcing, multisourcing enables a company to concentrate on its core business activities by delegating other tasks to its vendors. This focus aids employees in prioritizing their main responsibilities and contributes to achieving long-term organizational objectives.

Technological and infrastructural growth

Multisourcing leverages the advanced technology and infrastructure of its vendors. Companies benefit from not having to invest heavily in infrastructure development, as this responsibility shifts to the outsourced contractors.

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