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    Hire Azure

Benefit from the expertise of our seasoned Microsoft Azure developers who possess the skills and experience necessary to tackle even the most complex projects. Our team is adept at creating customized solutions that ensure development flexibility, enabling you to tailor your applications to fit your specific needs.

Azure app development services

EXB Soft specializes in custom Azure development, creating top-notch applications that meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. Our experts empower organizations to reap tangible benefits, such as reduced operational expenses, heightened productivity, and expanded market presence.

Microsoft Azure сloud automation

We offer expert automation solutions that enhance operational efficiency, boost productivity, and cut operational costs, helping businesses to effectively advance their digital transformation efforts. By automating routine tasks, enterprises can devote more time to innovation and strategic projects.

Azure cloud migration services

Azure specialists at EXB Soft provide top-notch migration services, assisting with the seamless transfer of data, applications, and infrastructure. We meticulously strategize and implement the migration in phased steps, ensuring utmost precision throughout the whole process.

Azure infrastructure development

Our experts can assist with your Microsoft Azure infrastructure needs, from setting up servers and configuring storage to creating virtual networks and deploying apps. We offer tailored solutions to optimize your cloud environment for your specific business requirements.

Support & maintenance services

Our developers go beyond just development; they provide holistic support for your Azure projects. This includes regular check-ins to ensure everything is running smoothly, swift resolution of issues that may arise, and timely application of patches and updates to keep your systems secure and up-to-date.

Cloud security & risk management

At EXB Soft, we provide a holistic approach to cloud security, helping you identify and mitigate risks, establish secure network connections, and enhance your cloud setup's security. Our experts offer tailored strategies and best practices to ensure robust and compliant cloud protection.


Requirement collection

At the initial stage, you give us a thorough understanding of your project needs and outline the expected outcomes.


Selection and recruitment

We pinpoint developers whose skills align with your requirements. You get resumes, choose, and then engage a developer or a team of developers.


Commencement of collaboration

After assembling your team, you can embark on your development process and see the progress right from the very beginning.

Enhanced speed

Speed is crucial for any business, encompassing three key aspects: deployment speed, operational speed, and scalability speed. Azure's services, such as Azure AutoScale, allow you to dynamically scale applications according to increasing demands. Azure's efficiency in meeting business needs makes it highly adaptable and effective.


With Azure, there's no need for investments in new equipment, infrastructure, or replacing aging servers. It not only offers the benefits of SaaS applications but also decreases the expenses associated with infrastructure, maintenance, and IT environment administration. Azure provides flexible spending options, allowing you to pay according to your needs.

High security

Security is a top priority for every organization. Microsoft has crafted Azure to be a leader in safeguarding your data. It encompasses a range of security features, including encrypted connections and data encryption. Additional services like multi-factor authentication and rapid data recovery capabilities make Azure ideally suited for business requirements.

Cloud integration

Azure offers integration with an array of cloud SaaS applications, including Dropbox, Concur, Salesforce, and Office 365. Azure Web Apps facilitate automated provisioning and deployment services, as well as staging and production deployment. This empowers you to maximize your ERP, CRM, and other business data in a scalable, faster, and dependable environment.

Backup and recovery

Azure offers built-in disaster recovery and stores six copies of your data across two separate Azure data centers, ensuring 99.9% backup availability. Backups are kept in a recovery services vault with managed recovery points. Businesses can easily retrieve data using VSS snapshots in Azure, ensuring application consistency.

Quick recruitment

As soon as you submit your requirements, we waste no time initiating our hiring process, which can begin within hours of your submission. Our dedicated team takes care of the entire process, from sourcing qualified candidates to conducting thorough screening procedures.

Certified expert team

Our certified Azure engineers bring deep expertise in designing, implementing, and managing cloud architecture. They use innovative strategies and advanced methods to deliver secure, scalable, and high-performance cloud solutions tailored to meet your specific business needs.

Timely delivery

Developers at EXB Soft are always committed to delivering high-quality work within your specified timeline. Our specialists understand the importance of deadlines and work diligently to meet them. We prioritize our client’s success and are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals efficiently and without delays.

Mobile App Development for Pricena
Mobile App Development for Pricena

The request was to develop a mobile application for iOS and Android. Requirements: high-quality code and a collaborative team, who takes ownership.

Ecommerce Innovative Software
Ecommerce Innovative Software

Harnessing the Power of Ecommerce with Innovative Fulfillment Software by our Expert .NET Development Team

Business Analyst with product owner & PM skills
Business Analyst with product owner & PM skills

The role of Business Analyst in the project involves defining, planning, and documenting product features and enhancements.

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