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Embark on a transformative journey in educational technology with EXB Soft. Our dedicated eLearning software developers employ trusted, cutting-edge technologies to develop secure and scalable solutions ideally tailored to your business needs.

Learning management system development

Our team of eLearning software developers is fully equipped and prepared to assist you in creating a robust learning management system (LMS). This powerful tool, under skilled hands, will not only be capable of hosting and delivering a diverse array of learning programs, but it will also excel in effectively managing intricate student data.

School management & administration software

Leverage the power of educational software development services to enable school administrators to reclaim countless hours. With school management systems tailored by our eLearning experts, automation of recurring processes is made possible, and the need for traditional paper records is eliminated, augmenting the school's efficiency.

E-learning application development

Our adept professionals create a unified solution that offers smooth accessibility across all devices - be it smartphones, tablets, or personal computers. Harnessing their proficiency in educational app development, they intertwine the latest technology with aesthetically pleasing designs to craft applications of varied complexity and intent.

Self-education software development

Leverage the power of the hybrid educational model that merges offline and online methods and resources. Self-education software solutions empower students to seamlessly follow their learning journeys, while also providing teachers with the ability to guide and enhance these self-directed educational experiences.

Business training software development

Keep your team abreast of the latest trends and practices with business training software. Our experts create solutions that help to streamline employee education, foster development, and enhance the professional skills of your workforce. It is a vital growth tool that ensures your team's continual professional development.

Gathering requirements

Share with our eLearning software development company the specifics about your prospective employee or the role you're looking to fill, and let us put our extensive network and sector knowledge to work for you. We are committed to aligning you with the candidate best matched to the needs and culture of your organization.

Selecting experts

We handpick the ideal candidates according to your requirements. Our rigorous evaluation process consists of two main steps: firstly, our technical gurus meticulously assess the candidates' technical skills, and secondly, our Human Resources department thoroughly examines their soft skills and English language capabilities.

Interviewing Process

We present to you a select group of highly skilled professionals, each equipped with the qualifications needed for your project. You're provided with the opportunity to interview these chosen candidates, enabling you to identify the ideal eLearning developer or a cohesive team of developers that best meets your project's needs.

Onboarding process

At this stage, we'll require the execution of a non-disclosure agreement and other relevant documentation to ensure the security and privacy of your business information. With these protective measures in place, our eLearning software developers can then confidently move forward with the development process.

Ongoing support

Once the recruitment process concludes, we maintain open lines of communication with clients who employ experts from our education software development company. Whether you find yourself in need of additional developers or wish to modify your existing team, rest assured that we offer the flexibility to accommodate your evolving needs.

Explore our capabilities as a FinTech software development company and discover the positive impact we can make on your business.

White label application
White label application

Needed a platform to create one`s own project with no programming skills and suitable to run on iOS and Android.

Staff augmentation for Xuntos
Staff augmentation for Xuntos

Xuntos faced the urgent need to expand its in-house team with .NET developers. Internal problems were addressed quickly and effectively.

App Development Services for a Security Solutions Provider
App Development Services for a Security Solutions Provider

A client needed to add new features to the platform for security checking and the company's flagship product with no need for additional staff.

E-learning software refers to digital tools used for creating and sharing online learning materials and experiences. It encompasses a range of formats, including learning management systems, online learning platforms, virtual classrooms, and more. The immense potential of educational software to enhance corporate earnings stems from its ability to provide convenience and effectiveness in the learning process.

Share project details or desired skill sets with our educational software development company. With this information in hand, we meticulously screen our talent pool and curate a shortlist of the most suitable developers, whose profiles we promptly share with you. Additionally, we facilitate interview opportunities with our developers, allowing you to personally assess their skills and expertise before making a hiring decision.

The cost of developing an educational app is highly variable and depends on several factors. These include the application's complexity, UI/UX design requirements, chosen technologies, and targeted application platform. Due to these diverse variables, there is no fixed figure for the development cost of an educational app. To determine the specific investment required for your unique project, a thorough assessment of these factors is essential.
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