What Is Business Intelligence Developer?

Business Intelligence Developer

A business intelligence (BI) developer is a professional responsible for creating, deploying, and managing BI interfaces, which include tools for querying, data visualization, interactive dashboards, ad hoc reporting, and data modeling.

Responsibilities of a BI Developer

The specific responsibilities of a BI developer can vary based on the project scope but generally require a solid background in software engineering, database management, and data analysis. While data engineers with a software development background and BI experience may oversee the development of interfaces, BI developers bring specialized skills, particularly:

  • Establishing business requirements for BI tools.
  • Converting business needs into technical specifications.
  • Leading the development, deployment, and ongoing maintenance of BI software.
  • Managing report generation and data modeling activities.
  • Contributing to the design of data warehouses.
  • Documenting the data warehouse and metadata storage details.
  • Producing technical documentation for BI tools.

Additionally, BI developers must understand the specific needs of the industry they are working in to ensure that the BI solutions meet business demands and effectively represent data.

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