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    AWS Application
    Development Services

Leverage our expertise in application development on AWS to build scalable and reliable products. EXB Soft's specialists harness the latest trends and best practices to tailor solutions that best suit your business needs

We assist businesses in harnessing the full capabilities of AWS to develop, test, and deploy new digital products and services swiftly and efficiently. Our team of Amazon Web Services app development experts empowers you to fully exploit the cloud's potential.

Mobile AWS App Development

Our specialists focus on designing and deploying top-tier mobile applications that fully leverage the power of the AWS cloud infrastructure. They craft applications that meet today's needs and also adapt to future challenges and opportunities, ensuring long-term value and relevance.

Web AWS App Development

We at EXB Soft focus on leveraging AWS technologies to develop high-performing, scalable web applications that are optimized for the cloud. Get a web application that will serve as a robust foundation for your business’s digital presence, driving growth and enhancing user engagement.

AWS app modernization

Our experts transform outdated applications into cloud-native architectures using AWS technologies, enabling a seamless transition to more agile and scalable systems. Bring your legacy systems up to speed with today’s technology standards, making your business prepared for the future.

App integration services

We will help you connect disparate systems, applications, and data sets to enhance functionality and streamline operations, creating a cohesive and efficient IT ecosystem. Leverage AWS capabilities to build a streamlined, highly functional network that propels your business forward.

AWS consulting services

Our AWS-certified experts will provide comprehensive guidance on optimizing your AWS architecture, implementing best practices, and making the most of your cloud investments. Make sure your cloud strategy supports immediate goals and positions you for long-term success and innovation.

Implementing MVP & POC’s

Launching a new app in the market can be challenging. Our experts will guide you in defining your business vision, pinpointing essential features, selecting the optimal architecture, and crafting a concise and cost-effective MVP/PoC roadmap. Our goal is to streamline your path to market.

1. Submit your project details

At the initial stage, provide a comprehensive description of your project and outline your ideal team. From necessary skill sets and preferred time zones to experience levels, the more detailed information you provide, the better we can understand and meet your needs.

2. Search for specialists

Once we have a clear understanding of your specific requirements, our team begins the search to find your ideal match. We are dedicated to connecting you with candidates who not only possess technical expertise but also excellent interpersonal qualities.

3. Candidate interviews

We present you with pre-screened experts ready for interviews, who have verified skills and are available to start. We manage the rigorous selection process, allowing you to focus on the final interviews to assess cultural fit and make well-informed hiring decisions.

4. Hiring and ongoing support

We facilitate the smooth integration of EXB Soft’s professionals into your work environment. Our commitment includes regular follow-ups and continuous support, ensuring a beneficial relationship for both your team and the professionals we help you hire.

Traditional apps and cloud apps differ in several key areas, like infrastructure, data handling, development time, operating system (OS) dependency, cost, and security. Traditional apps often rely heavily on the underlying OS, hardware, and other services, making it tricky to move or expand them to new infrastructure, which goes against the cloud's flexible nature.

In turn, cloud-native apps abstract from these dependencies, letting developers focus on the core features without worrying about managing OS configurations. Plus, cloud apps typically follow a pay-as-you-go model, meaning you only pay for what you use, unlike traditional apps. Security-wise, cloud apps can have multiple layers of protection, while traditional apps usually offer just one.

We at EXB Soft are enthusiastic about our work and committed to fulfilling your business requirements. Plus, our experts have in-depth knowledge and expertise in AWS technologies, enabling them to craft customized solutions that deliver outcomes and save money. Count on us for a team that's fully devoted to your success and willing to go above and beyond.
There isn't a straightforward answer because many things influence it. To make a cloud-native app, you have to think about the technology you use, the features, the development team's fees, and how long it takes. Simple apps are cheaper, but complex ones can cost more depending on what they do.