What Is Global Delivery Model?

Global Delivery Model

Global Delivery Model is an ideal blend of processes, comprehensive strategies, and quality standards, combining top-notch technical skills and resources available around the clock globally. This model effectively enhances the quality of solutions while minimizing costs and expediting the delivery of products or services. It is specifically tailored to meet client-specific project requirements, promising superior development quality, onsite delivery, and quicker project cycles at competitive prices.

The Global Delivery Model has become a pivotal strategy in the IT field, revolutionizing global outsourcing. Nowadays, more organizations are adopting global outsourcing to decrease investments and increase revenue. This model not only achieves these financial goals but also enhances team performance and ensures high-quality outputs, offering the advantages of reduced risk and increased productivity.

Types of Global Delivery Models

Onsite delivery model

In this model, the consultants work directly at the client’s site from the start to the end of the project, ensuring close collaboration. This direct interaction helps in a thorough understanding of the client’s current IT setup, requirements, and objectives, leading to effective solutions and swift project completion due to the absence of any communication gaps.

Offshore delivery model

This approach involves completing all project-related activities at one or more offshore locations by the outsourcing team. Effective project management is maintained by having project or delivery managers stationed at both the client and the offshore site to oversee the project's progress.

Offsite/nearshore delivery model

Here, consultants operate remotely but within the same city or country as the client. This setup might involve multiple onshore work sites and sometimes has team members at the client site while others work from nearby locations. This model is a strategic blend of onsite and offsite arrangements.

Hybrid delivery model

The hybrid model integrates the onsite, offsite, and nearshore strategies, offering the cost benefits of offshore operations alongside the essential face-to-face interaction to prevent communication lapses and foster project success. The integrated onsite-nearshore model combines the expertise of the onsite approach with the economic advantages of offshore development.

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