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    Software Testing
    and QA Services

Improve the quality of your software and make it run like clockwork. We offer software quality assurance services to ensure that your final products are bug-free and meet higher standards.

Enhanced quality

Our QA experts employ their specialized skills to thoroughly test software, identifying and rectifying bugs early. This meticulous control ensures that the final product meets the highest standards of functionality and user experience, significantly enhancing your software’s market reputation.


Our QA professionals are adept at uncovering issues at early stages, mitigating the expensive fixes required after product launch. Their preventive approach not only saves on costs but also streamlines resource allocation, allowing your team to concentrate on core development activities.

Faster time to market

Hire QA engineer to accelerate the software release cycle. This specialist applies the latest methodologies and tools to identify and solve problems, streamlining the development process. This efficiency helps in bringing your product to market faster, thereby giving you a competitive advantage.

Risk mitigation

The expertise of our QA engineers significantly reduces project risks. They are trained to foresee potential issues and devise strategies to address them, ensuring your software remains secure and functional. This level of diligence safeguards your company’s reputation and maintains customer confidence.

Vast talent pool

Whether you require a single QA specialist or a dedicated team of them, our QA services company is always available to meet your needs. Our team of highly qualified tech professionals will thoroughly test your software.

Full transparency

From the contract phase to project completion, we maintain complete transparency with itemized pricing, reliable cost estimates, constant communication, daily status reports.

Faster releases

We understand how critical it is to get your product to market as soon as possible. Our QA specialists have experience with a wide range of projects, so they can test and deliver your software quickly without sacrificing quality.

Seamless integration

Our software testing company strictly follows our clients' methodologies and processes. Because of our extensive experience working on-site and in-house, we can seamlessly integrate with your existing in-house QA team.

Hire QA engineer

Share your project requirements

Book a call with us or fill out the form. We assess your requirements and provide an overall estimate of time, resources, technology stacks, and so on.

Interview carefully selected candidates

The recruitment process is as simple as possible. We select the best candidates that match your project requirements, you select the best engineers, and we schedule interviews with chosen candidates.

Sign a contract and start working

We sign a non-disclosure agreement and other paperwork, and your QA engineers are added to your team to begin the work on your porject.

We are proud to help companies elevate their value, win the competition, and take their software solutions to a new level with our engineering teams.

Full-Stack Development team for Lamina Technologies
Full-Stack Development team for Lamina Technologies

Lamina Technologies hired Exb Soft to increase production flexibility, improve team efficiency and provide high-quality service.

.NET Development Team for TMS
.NET Development Team for TMS

The client asked for a working platform to make the product independent of one of the third-party services, optimize it and develop new functionality.

White label application
White label application

Needed a platform to create one`s own project with no programming skills and suitable to run on iOS and Android.

Title Experience Availability

Quality assurance ensures that software is efficient, free of flaws, and closely matches the needs of customers. Quality assurance (QA) must be integrated into the overall software development lifecycle and woven into each stage of the process. QA's sole function is to inspect and evaluate source code. The method has the potential to find bugs in source code and shorten release cycles.

The first stage of software development is the best time to begin testing. Starting early can help you save money and fix bugs as they appear. QA should be present throughout the project, from planning to completion. To ensure that both the development and QA teams are on the same page, make a plan of testing levels and types in advance and discuss it with your team.

EXB Soft has a large pool of QA engineers with varying levels of experience. Depending on your needs and budget, you can hire a newer or more experienced QA. Here are a few of the many that our QA engineers possess:

  • Automation tool knowledge
  • Tests for code automation
  • Capability to streamline the testing process
  • Complete knowledge of QA testing environments
You can hire QA engineers in a few easy steps. Fill out a form to let us know which resource you require and how much experience the resource should have. Then you can screen our candidates to determine which DevOps engineers will best fit your team, and finally sign a contract to begin development.
The cost of hiring a dedicated development team is determined by the location of the vendor, the developers you select, and the number of employees you hire. The final cost is determined by the project specifications. We put together the team based on the required skill sets and experience, and you can see hourly rates for each expert. A dedicated development team is less expensive than an in-house team but may be more expensive than working with freelancers.
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