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Collaborate with first-rate Computer Vision experts, carefully selected technical professionals who are equipped to blend into your team or initiate a project from scratch.

Image/Video Recognition

Our сomputer vision developers specialize in assisting businesses with the integration of cognitive AI for video and image recognition. This approach helps you to extract valuable insights from visual data, enabling precise targeting for contextual advertising. Also, our services encompass character recognition solutions that enhance metadata optimization and drive effective targeted campaigns.

Image/Video Processing

Hire Computer Vision developer or a dedicated team tailored to your image or video processing needs, and improve operational efficiency. Our talents leverage cutting-edge technologies, such as machine and deep learning for object detection, image analysis, and video/image classification. Experts at EXB Soft can also assist with 3D geometry, signal processing, and point line detection.

Real-time Video Streaming

Engage our experts to create a real-time video streaming app or platform for your business, expanding your reach to a broader audience through immersive advertising experiences. We select talent whose values align with your goals, ensuring the development of video streaming platforms that adhere to high-quality broadcasting standards and incorporate interactive features.

1. Provide your project details

At the first stage, share the specifics of your project and describe your ideal team. From required skillsets and time zones to desired levels of experience, you can provide us with comprehensive details to help us understand your needs better.

2. Looking for for specialist

Upon gaining an understanding of your specific requirements, our team commences the quest to identify your perfect match. We are committed to introducing you to candidates who combine technical mastery with excellent personal qualities.

3. Interviews with candidates

We provide you pre-screened professionals, ready for interviews, and possessing verified skills and availability. We handle the rigorous selection process, leaving you with the final interview to assess culture fit and make informed decisions.

4. Hiring and ongoing support

We take the initiative to facilitate their seamless integration of experts into your work environment. Our dedication extends to consistent follow-ups and continuous support, benefiting both your team and the professionals we bring on board.

Long-term collaboration

We focus on employing specialists and fostering their growth. With a notable developer retention rate, EXB Soft is committed to forming stable teams for your projects, guaranteeing consistent quality and perfect results.

Rapid team assembly

Our expertise in the industry and access to extensive talent pools enable swift hiring of Computer Vision experts, ensuring your project is initiated promptly while your app concept remains relevant in the market.

Individual approach

Share your business objectives with us, and we will find a developer with the precise technical expertise to match. Hire candidates for your specific needs, be it system integration, video analysis, or other specialized roles.

Comprehensive services

Our services are aimed to let you hire the ideal specialist without any hassle. EXB Soft team manages HR, administrative, financial, and legal aspects, allowing you to concentrate on your core business activities.

Computer Vision represents a sector within artificial intelligence focused on enabling computers to process and comprehend visual data. This is achieved through the analysis of digital imagery from cameras and videos coupled with advanced deep learning algorithms, allowing machines to recognize and categorize objects based on their visual input.

This technology finds diverse applications, ranging from basic functions like photo tagging to complex systems in autonomous vehicles, facial recognition, augmented reality, and medical diagnostics.

Bringing a Computer Vision engineer on board markedly improves your capacity to interpret visual information, streamline processes involving image recognition, and create cutting-edge products and solutions.
Certainly, at EXB Soft, you have the flexibility to hire Computer Vision developers for both short-term tasks and longer engagements, depending on your specific needs. Our service offers the versatility to collaborate with one expert or to hire the team of developers.
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