What Is Engagement Model?

Engagement Model

An engagement model is a framework defining the relationship between a client (project owner) and a vendor (IT company), shaping how software services are provided. It's crucial for establishing duties, responsibilities, and commitments between the parties, with core principles of transparency, justice, respect, and clarity.

Choosing the Right Engagement Model

Deciding on an engagement model involves considering your internal technical expertise, business goals, need for flexibility, budget constraints, and the scalability of the project. The model you select should align with your project's size, duration, goals, concept, and legal and technological requirements.

Types of Engagement Models

Relationships-Based Business Engagement Models

  • Outstaffing (Staff Augmentation) Model: A rental-like model where employees work for a client company but are on the payroll of a vendor, managing payments, taxes, and benefits.
  • Dedicated Team Model: The vendor provides a team focused solely on the client's project, handling team assembly and administrative aspects. Ideal for dynamic, long-term projects.

Project-Based Business Engagement Models

  • Fixed Price Model: Sets the project's scope, schedule, and cost before development, with payments aligned with project milestones. Suitable for projects with defined requirements and timelines.

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