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    Telecom Software

Hire telecom software developers to build an innovative custom software solution that will expand your service coverage, address security and performance challenges, and open new horizons for your business.

Telecommunications software development

EXB Soft experts specialize in crafting bespoke telecommunications software including OSS, BSS, NFV, SDN, conferencing platforms, and network management applications. These solutions are designed to enhance both on-site and cloud-based IT infrastructure.

Telecom network applications development

Our telecom software development professionals specialize in crafting network applications and communication portals. By integrating connectivity management systems, performance monitoring systems, and telephony services, they will enhance and streamline your communication processes at every level.

Network management software development

Our team of developers will create software to empower your team to efficiently handle both front-end and back-end telecom network functions. From network configuration and provisioning to inventory management, order management, CRM, charging, billing systems, and beyond, we've got you covered.

Telecom performance monitoring software

EXB Soft telecommunication software development specialists incorporate a variety of tools such as IP management systems, performance data collectors, security systems, and diagnostic tools. This comprehensive integration empowers teams to effectively monitor and uphold network efficiency.

Telecom security management software

Our developers create comprehensive telecom security management solutions that are equipped with robust features designed to thwart a range of threats, including SIP hacking, caller ID spoofing, DNS, and DDoS attacks, among others, ensuring a secure communication environment.

Call accounting software development

Our professionals embed custom call accounting software into your telecom infrastructure for uninterrupted call tracking. This software not only captures, records, and documents all telephone-usage costs, but also aids in optimizing your network, enhancing security, and ensuring PCI-DSS compliance.

Requirements gathering

Once we receive your request for telecommunications software development services, we conduct a detailed analysis of your project, identifying technical needs and business objectives. Our team then thoroughly reviews the gathered information.

Talent search

In accordance with your specific needs, we handpick specialists for your project. Our selection process is meticulous, with our technical experts evaluating hard skills, while our HR team assesses soft skills and English proficiency through rigorous testing.

Interviewing process

We present you with a group of seasoned professionals who possess the requisite qualifications for your project. You then have the opportunity to interview them, enabling you to select the individual programmer or team that aligns best with your needs.

Onboarding process

At this final stage, we move forward to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and other pertinent documents, safeguarding the confidentiality of your business information. With these formalities completed, we are ready to kickstart the development process.

Our specialists are dedicated to utilizing the latest tools and platforms to develop telecommunications software that not only meets current industry standards but also sets new benchmarks, empowering your business to excel.

Explore our capabilities as a FinTech software development company and discover the positive impact we can make on your business.

.NET Development Team for TMS
.NET Development Team for TMS

The client asked for a working platform to make the product independent of one of the third-party services, optimize it and develop new functionality.

Software Development Team Extension
Software Development Team Extension

A Dutch technology company wanted to find and hire outsourced skilled developers so they could grow their team and gain more flexibility.

Mobile App Development for Pricena
Mobile App Development for Pricena

The request was to develop a mobile application for iOS and Android. Requirements: high-quality code and a collaborative team, who takes ownership.

Custom telecom software can enhance your business operations by streamlining processes, improving customer service, and ensuring scalability. Software for telecom allows for better data management, increased security, and supports innovation, giving you a competitive edge. This leads to greater efficiency and growth for your business.

Telecommunication software solutions encompass various tools and applications designed to facilitate the organization, processing, management, and transfer of multimedia data. Additionally, these software solutions include operation support systems and business support systems, which aid in the efficient operation of telecommunication businesses.

In today's business world, hiring developers is essential for meeting code-based needs. Whether it's maintaining websites or apps for optimal user experiences or revamping them entirely, developers play a crucial role. Depending on your product's stage and scale, hiring telecommunication developers or a remote team can keep your business running smoothly and your website up-to-date.

Telecommunication developers should possess proficiency in programming languages, an understanding of data structures and algorithms, experience with databases, familiarity with version control systems, and knowledge of software testing and debugging. The top soft skills for telecommunication developers are communication, problem-solving, time management, attention to detail, and adaptability.

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