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    AI Development

Hire artificial intelligence developers ready to supercharge your projects. We meticulously handpick the top-tier talents according to your business's specific demands and needs.

AI/ML strategy consulting

Rely on the profound technical knowledge and expertise of EXB Soft’s top minds to navigate the complexities of AI implementation. Our focus is on delivering effective development strategies and insightful advice, dedicated to leveraging the full potential of AI/ML for your business's growth and adaptation.

PoC and MVP development

Our experts meticulously develop Proof of Concepts to validate your AI solution's viability, demonstrating its potential in a condensed form. They then craft Minimum Viable Products that offer key functionalities, facilitating real user feedback, continuous improvement, and rapid market introduction.

Custom AI solutions development

Hire AI engineers at EXB Soft to build bespoke web and mobile applications tailored to your unique business needs. Every element, from the user interface to the algorithms, will be carefully engineered for peak performance and the development process will focus on security and ethical AI.

AI integration and deployment

Our service extends beyond creating robust AI solutions to their seamless integration and deployment within your existing systems. This integration enhances your business operations with AI, aligning with your established processes and leading to significant improvements in efficiency, productivity, and innovation.

Generative AI consulting

Navigate the intricate world of generative AI with the strategic guidance of our top-notch professionals, tailored to apply this technology in your specific industry and goals effectively. From concept to execution, their approach is customized to ensure you exploit the vast potential of generative AI.

Generative AI development

Harness our bespoke generative AI development services to unlock AI's transformative power. Utilize groundbreaking AI models like GPT-4, Llama, and PaLM-2 for our GenAI solutions, designed to boost workflow automation and achieve superior productivity and operational excellence for your business.

1. Project brief and skill needs

Share a concise overview of your project and the skills required. Whether you want to hire AI developers, we'll find the right fit for your tech needs. Unsure where to start? Contact us for expert guidance on navigating the hiring process.

2. Choosing the right expert

Easily find top AI talent with our assistance. Explore profiles of skilled AI developers and engineers, or let us manage the vetting process. We provide a selection of candidates from our extensive network, tailored to your needs.

3. Interview chosen candidates

Evaluate AI engineers through interviews to gauge their skills. Our experts are prepared for these tests, allowing you to make informed hiring decisions. Thoroughly assess crucial skills like programming, data analysis, ML proficiency, and teamwork capabilities.

4. Hiring top AI professionals

It’s the final stage, so at this point, you hire artificial intelligence developer or a team of developers, to cooperate with. By choosing professionals at EXB Soft, you can streamline the entire AI development process, significantly reducing risks.

5. Post-hiring support

Once you've hired your AI professionals, EXB Soft offers ongoing support for smooth onboarding and integration. Our commitment ensures seamless collaboration and project success with your new artificial intelligence experts.

Customized interview

Our approach involves a thorough understanding of your business objectives, team dynamics, and organizational culture. This enables us to present candidates who not only possess the required domain expertise and certifications but also align with your company's spirit.

Efficient recruitment

We tap into diverse talent pools to find the best candidates. Our expertise lies in uncovering hidden gems, especially those skilled in AI-based solutions. Our recruitment strategies are proven over time, and we pride ourselves on providing prompt and constructive feedback to candidates.

High level of adaptability

Whether your project is in its early stages or already underway, we can seamlessly integrate new professionals into your team. The services of EXB Soft cater to both short-term and long-term needs, offering expertise across various levels, from Senior to Middle roles.

Consistent communication

Partnering with us means receiving regular, transparent updates throughout the recruitment process. Our commitment to keeping you informed holds whether we're sourcing a single AI engineer or a team. You'll always be well-informed about each step in the hiring journey.

Hiring an AI developer is essential for integrating artificial intelligence into your business solutions. They bring specialized skills in machine learning, data analysis, and algorithm development, enabling your company to automate processes, enhance data-driven decision-making, and provide innovative services or products. This can lead to increased efficiency, competitive advantage, and the ability to tap into new technological opportunities.
An AI developer should be proficient in programming languages like Python or Java, have a strong grasp of machine learning and deep learning techniques, and be skilled in data science practices. They need a solid foundation in mathematics and statistics, along with the ability to solve complex problems. Additionally, an understanding of AI ethics, good communication skills for explaining technical concepts, and a commitment to continuous learning in this rapidly evolving field are essential.
AI Engineers specialize in areas like machine learning and deep learning, focusing on data preprocessing and model training. Data Scientists work on pattern identification and algorithm optimization, while Data Engineers handle the infrastructure for large-scale data processing in AI applications. Software Engineers integrate AI models into systems, ensuring robust and scalable architecture. DevOps Engineers oversee the continuous integration and monitoring of these systems. Product Managers guide the AI project direction, bridging the gap between engineers and stakeholders, and UX/UI Designers create user-friendly interfaces for AI applications.
Yes, AI engineers are in high demand. As businesses increasingly adopt artificial intelligence to improve efficiency, innovate, and gain competitive advantages, the need for skilled AI professionals continues to grow. This demand spans various industries, including tech, healthcare, finance, and retail, among others, driving a significant need for AI expertise in machine learning, data science, and AI application development.
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