EXB Soft is a company that provides software development services in Ukraine. We have a strong employer brand which helps us attract top-tier programmers. We work with top 25% of Ukrainian talent, this allows our clients to hire experienced developers with minimal risk and no upfront costs. Our flexible setup allows clients to work with us by choice and we cover recruitment and termination costs. We also offer value-added services like QA and DevOps and assign a free HR Client Manager for retention support. We are dedicated to providing a personalized and efficient service for companies looking to establish teams of up to 20 people and provide the same level of high-call services as the top ten IT service providers in Ukraine.

Our clients primarily use C#/.NET, JavaScript (all modern frameworks), iOS, Android, and React Native. However, we can also assist you in locating engineers with additional skills. For example, we have a client who has a PowerBuilder team. If the skill set you're looking for is so uncommon that we won't be able to assist you, we'll let you know right away.

Examine the CVs of our developers who are currently available for hire. If you're lucky, you'll be able to find the right specialist there, but don't hesitate to contact us if you don't.

You'll be surprised to learn that there are no fees associated with forming a team with us. We'll provide everything your team needs to get started, including a standard hardware/software setup that works for 95% of our clients, as well as equipment, furniture, office supplies, and support staff.

If a client has specific requirements for the workstation, they will cover the costs of purchasing and installing it.

A dedicated HR/Client Manager will be assigned to your team so that you are always aware of how your developers are performing and can receive advice on project management best practices. Our accounting and legal teams will handle all administrative aspects of your offshore software developers' operations in Ukraine, such as payroll, taxes, and social contributions.
We will assist you in hiring front-end, back-end, and full-stack developers who are fluent in .Net JavaScript, Angular, Node.js, React, Python, C#, and iOS and Android mobile software engineers. We'll also assist you in hiring QA engineers, software analysts, Scrum masters, project managers, DevOps engineers, UX/UI designers, and support engineers if you need to expand your capacity or form a cross-functional team.

Although the offshore software developers you hire with us may work in our facilities, the work they do is yours. We take extra precautions to ensure that your intellectual property remains yours.

We require all of our developers to sign NDAs, and we encourage you to do the same. You are also free to use your own email servers or systems, as well as remotely manage your team's workstations.

Our standard security measures include restricted office access, firewall and antivirus protection, a password policy that is strictly enforced, and system administrator support. Additional security measures are available upon request.

Regardless of how many days a month a team member works, we charge a fixed monthly rate. Each member of your team accumulates holiday days over time, totaling 20 per year, and takes them off in collaboration with the client. A total of ten sick days are permitted per year.
Our office managers, human resources professionals, and system administrators will ensure that your team's work process runs smoothly. Our retention managers will organize team-building activities to assist your developers in developing stronger personal bonds. We'll also get your developers tickets to local tech events to help them grow professionally. Aside from our numerous retention activities, we also ensure that developers have health insurance and are paid on time.
After you hire a developer, our sysadmins will assist you in installing all of the necessary software and tools of your choice. The developers are fully integrated into your existing setup, which means they have access to all of your regular communication channels, have direct contact with you and the rest of the team, attend all regular meetings, and are part of your task tracking system.
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