What Is IT Project Manager?

IT Project Manager

An IT Project Manager is an expert who plays a critical role in overseeing complex projects related to a company's IT infrastructure, such as installing hardware, setting up networks, and implementing cybersecurity systems. Unlike project managers in other departments, IT Project Managers often blend tactical and strategic roles, driving IT initiatives with a focus on strategy development, resource allocation, and team management.

Key Functions of an IT Project Manager

  • Strategic Initiative Leadership: Planning and communicating the strategic goals of IT projects, coordinating team efforts, and tracking progress.
  • Research and Strategic Planning: Identifying new technological opportunities and threats, and developing strategic IT plans to address them.
  • Managing the IT Project Roadmap: Creating a roadmap to outline the company's forthcoming IT projects and strategies.
  • Team Development: Hiring and training IT staff, ensuring they have clear objectives and metrics for success.
  • Stakeholder Communication: Regularly updating executives and other stakeholders on IT project progress and seeking ways to integrate technology across the organization.

IT Project Manager's Job Description

The specific responsibilities of an IT Project Manager can vary by company and industry, but typically include strategic planning, team leadership, research, roadmap management, and stakeholder engagement.

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