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    Development Services

Hire dedicated Angular developers at EXB Soft to elevate your projects to the next level. Our experts always keep up with the best practices in the industry that enables the construction of visually stunning, cross-platform applications with responsive designs, ensuring a user-centric experience that surpasses expectations.

Web app development

Hire Angular developers for creating lightning-fast web applications that are not only easy to maintain but also provide exceptional user experiences. The development approach of our specialists is tailored to meet your specific requirements, ensuring agile development that incorporates the latest cutting-edge technologies.

Mobile app development

Our mission is to assist clients in developing dependable, modern cross-platform, and native mobile applications that users can rely on. By adhering to industry-leading front-end development practices, our professionals create cutting-edge apps. Hire remote Angular developers to bring to life next-generation apps that redefine user experiences.

Angular API development

As an Angular development company, we possess a deep understanding of business requirements and excel at crafting goal-oriented APIs. Leveraging proven expertise, our developers assist clients in building high-performing and scalable APIs that drive growth. Trust our specialists to deliver solutions that align with your business objectives.

Angular migration

Our developers specialize in assisting clients with effortless and streamlined migration and porting of their current web applications across different platforms. With a focus on minimizing disruption, they ensure a smooth transition to the AngularJS framework, offering the shortest turnaround time possible.

Plugin and widget development

Within Angular development services, our professionals go beyond the standard functionality by offering custom plugins and widgets. These additions enhance and expand the capabilities of your existing application. The intuitive plugins provide unique functionality and can significantly accelerate the development process.

Custom AngularJS development

Our experts specialize in developing custom applications that cater to the unique requirements of the clients. Whether you have a specific concept in mind or need assistance in refining your ideas, hire Angular js developer or a team of developers at EXB Soft to bring your vision to life. Let's transform your ideas into a remarkable reality.


Requirement gathering

We initiate the process by collecting comprehensive details about your project requirements. You share your vision and desired outcomes, enabling us to fully understand your expectations.


Interview and selection

Our team meticulously identifies skilled developers who perfectly align with your needs. You receive resumes and have the opportunity to interview and handpick a single developer or a group of developers.


Collaboration launch

With your chosen professionals, you can embark on the development journey. From day one, you can witness the progress and outcomes of our collaborative efforts, ensuring a productive partnership.


Angular.js allows developers to organize code into modules or components. Each module can be developed, tested, and maintained independently. This approach enhances code organization, encourages code reuse, and simplifies maintenance and testing.

Code reusability

Angular.js lets write code that can be reused. This not only saves time but also ensures consistency across different parts of the app. With Angular.js, developers can build components that encapsulate functionality and then use them across their apps.

Ease of integration

Angular.js integrates well with other libraries or frameworks. Whether you need to incorporate a UI library, like Bootstrap or jQuery, Angular.js makes the process straightforward, giving you the freedom to use the tools that best meet your needs.

Testing capabilities

One of the advantages of Angular.js is that it’s designed to be testable from the ground up, with strong support for both unit testing and end-to-end testing. This leads to more reliable applications and a smoother development process.

Community support

Angular.js, being developed and maintained by Google, has a large community of developers worldwide. This means it's easy to find learning resources, libraries, and solutions to problems, making development faster and easier.

The need for rapid prototyping

Hire Angular JS developers when your project requires rapid prototyping. AngularJS facilitates quick development cycles, making it ideal for creating functional prototypes to test and refine user interfaces and experiences.

Complex application architectures

If your project involves developing web applications with complex architectures or requires advanced features like two-way data binding, modular design, or dependency injection, Angular JS developers can effectively handle these complexities.

Real-time applications

For projects such as chat applications, live content updates, or real-time collaboration tools, hiring AngularJS developers can be beneficial. They can leverage the framework's capabilities to build smooth, real-time functionalities into your application.

Integration challenges

When your project needs integration with other systems, APIs, or third-party services, hire Angular JS developer to ensure seamless integration. This expert can tackle any compatibility issues and connect diverse systems efficiently.

A preselected pool of talents

Our streamlined process involves carefully analyzing your requirements and presenting you with a curated selection of exceptional candidates. This approach allows you to dedicate more time to the engineering tasks you enjoy while ensuring you have the right developers on your team.

Complete transparency

Transparency is a core value we uphold with both our clients and candidates. We ensure a fair salary negotiation process, fostering trust and openness between you and your potential hires right from the start. With this foundation, you can concentrate on working collaboratively with your new team members.

Covering administrative tasks

Leave the intricacies of contracts, payroll, and HR functions to us. At EXB Soft, we take care of all these crucial tasks, freeing you to focus on delivering technical excellence and nurturing the growth of your product. Rest assured that our team will handle the administrative aspects.

.NET Development Team for TMS
.NET Development Team for TMS

The client asked for a working platform to make the product independent of one of the third-party services, optimize it and develop new functionality.

Online banking system development
Online banking system development

The project required a specific technical challenge to develop the system as quickly as possible and launch it almost immediately.

Software Development for NFON — Dutch Cloud Telephony Platform
Software Development for NFON — Dutch Cloud Telephony Platform

The task was to expand the NFON communications platform's functionality and hire additional professionals to join the existing team.

Angular offers a dynamic and interactive user experience by enabling real-time data updates and efficient rendering. Its powerful two-way data binding and component-based architecture allow developers to create highly responsive and engaging applications.

EXB Soft provides experienced Angular developers who deliver tailored solutions to fit your business needs. Their team stays updated with the latest Angular trends and best practices, ensuring high-quality, scalable, and maintainable applications.

Yes, EXB Soft has extensive experience in migrating legacy applications to Angular. They ensure a smooth transition by carefully planning and executing the migration process, minimizing downtime and enhancing application performance.

EXB Soft offers comprehensive post-development support, including regular updates, performance optimization, bug fixes, and feature enhancements. Their dedicated support team ensures your Angular application remains robust and up-to-date.

EXB Soft ensures the scalability of Angular applications by following best practices in architecture design and code management. They use modular development approaches, optimize code for performance, and implement scalable infrastructure solutions to handle growing user demands.

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