What Is Dedicated Team Model?

Dedicated Team Model

The Dedicated Team model is a business framework where a client forms a long-term partnership with a service provider who allocates software development professionals to the client. These experts are selected based on the client's specific requirements, considering their experience and skill sets. The client has the option to either manage this team directly or delegate the management to the service provider's project manager. Typically, the dedicated team operates from the service provider's office.

When is a Dedicated Team Most Effective?

Dedicated developers are particularly effective in scenarios where the project scope is fluid and requirements may evolve during the development process. The primary goal of employing a dedicated team is to fill gaps in necessary expertise and to integrate the team as if they were an in-house resource.

Advantages of the Dedicated Team Model

  • Predictable Budgeting: Despite the flexible scope, the budget remains defined and manageable.
  • Flexibility in Requests: Ability to modify requests at any time.
  • Team Management Control: Full authority over how the team is managed, whether internally or through the service provider.
  • Deep Project Insight: Team members develop a profound understanding of the client's project and business objectives.
  • Continuous Communication: Regular interaction using web tools like Skype, Asana, Trello, and Basecamp ensures constant connectivity.
  • Team Stability and Dedication: The team remains stable and exclusively committed to the client's project.

Disadvantages of the Dedicated Team Model

  • Not Suitable for Short-Term Projects: This model is less efficient for brief, one-off projects.
  • Time-Consuming Team Formation: Assembling the right team can be a time-intensive process.
  • Management Requirements: Managing the team requires additional time and effort, unless offloaded to the service provider.
  • Comparative Cost: In certain cases, this model may be more expensive than the Time & Material model, especially for projects not requiring continuous software development.

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