What Is Offshore Development Center?

Offshore Development Center

Offshore development is a strategic and cost-effective method of collaboration that not only cuts expenses but also grants access to skilled engineers. Major corporations establish independent offshore development centers (ODCs) to innovate and derive new solutions.

Benefits of Setting Up an Offshore Development Center

Establishing an ODC brings numerous benefits:

  • Scalability and staff expansion: ODCs facilitate quick and efficient scaling of operations and workforce expansion.
  • Access to specialized knowledge: ODCs provide a wealth of domain-specific expertise that might not be available locally.
  • Cost reductions in operations and recruitment: The financial impact of employee turnover can be substantial. By leveraging ODCs, companies can mitigate these costs due to typically lower wage rates and access to a broader talent pool, which can reduce the frequency and cost of hiring replacements.
  • Cost-effective infrastructure: Establishing a solid operational infrastructure through an ODC can be accomplished at a lower cost.
  • Moreover, ODCs can optimize and revitalize development processes, offering new solutions and perspectives that may be unattainable by an in-house team alone. This is particularly valuable when internal resources are limited or existing approaches are proving ineffective.

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