What Is Build-Operate-Transfer Model?

Build-Operate-Transfer Model

The Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model is a strategy used by IT firms to establish software development teams abroad. Companies partner with local BOT service providers to create and manage an offshore unit, covering everything from back-office functions to product development. Eventually, the subsidiary, along with its team and intellectual property, is transferred to the client.

Benefits of the BOT Model

  • Talent access: Opens access to a vast pool of skilled programmers worldwide, particularly in regions like Eastern Europe, helping address local talent shortages.
  • Brand consistency: A BOT team works under your brand from day one, ensuring dedication to your product's success despite geographic differences.
  • Cost savings: Significant reduction in costs, especially in developer salaries and operational expenses, compared to domestic rates.
  • Comprehensive support: Local BOT partners handle administrative tasks, legal compliance, and operational logistics, allowing you to focus on core activities.
  • Process control: Offers better control over the development process, ensuring alignment with your business practices and ease of integration post-transfer.

Opportunities with BOT

  • Global expansion: Helps companies quickly expand into new markets, bypassing talent and cost constraints.
  • Technology adoption: Facilitates access to the latest technologies and practices through partnerships with local experts.
  • Focus retention: Allows companies to concentrate on core business goals while outsourcing secondary tasks, speeding up market entry and enhancing competitiveness.

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