.NET Development Team for TMS

The team built the platform to provide loan management. The user can work a loan and its period using different filters, and the system will automatically find one of the available loan packages.


The client asked us for a working platform and the challenge to make the product independent of one of the third-party services, optimize it and develop new functionality. Exb soft team faced the next key challenges:

  • Improve the project’s internal architecture.
  • Develop the new logic within the current core of the system, with the preservation of existing functions.
  • Fix some bugs and issues in the existing system;


Following a thorough examination of the Customer's requirements, EXB Soft's proficient business analyst meticulously elicited detailed specifications for the loan management system. These requirements served as the foundation for our solution architect to craft an optimal software architecture, feature set, and implementation tech stack. This comprehensive planning phase allowed us to accurately estimate the necessary resources, develop a project roadmap, and establish budgets and schedules.

To ensure adherence to the projected timelines, EXB Soft assembled a dedicated full-scale development team for the Customer. The team consisted of a capable project manager, an insightful business analyst, three skilled full-stack developers, two talented front-end developers, two proficient back-end developers, as well as manual and automated testing engineers. By engaging a team of experienced senior and lead-level professionals well-versed in financial software development, we not only maintained cost-effectiveness but also guaranteed the delivery of a top-tier loan management solution.

Throughout the software development process, EXB Soft's experts placed great emphasis on preserving a harmonious resemblance to the Customer's existing off-the-shelf loan management tool. This deliberate approach aimed to minimize disruptions to the Customer's established business processes and facilitate a seamless transition for both their employees and clients.

Before initiating the coding phase, our skilled team at EXB Soft established vital components such as container orchestration, CI/CD pipelines, and cloud automation. These measures were put in place to streamline and expedite solution development, integration, testing, and deployment processes, thereby enhancing overall efficiency.

By aligning with the Customer's specific lending-related processes, our loan management software was designed to offer robust automation capabilities. As a result, EXB Soft's team successfully delivered a range of functionality tailored to meet the Customer's requirements.


The EXB Soft team delivered to the client a good performed system instead of a non-working one, and now he can successfully work using an appropriate business model. Multitenant helped the client to extend the business.

Technologies and Tools

.NET Core, Angular, Microsoft Azure Cloud, Azure DevOps Services, Docker, Bootstrap.

EXB Soft ensures the quality of their loan management software by assembling a team of senior- and lead-level professionals with expertise in financial software development. This team carefully analyzes the requirements, establishes an optimal architecture, and conducts rigorous testing to deliver a top-tier solution that meets the client's needs.

To meet project timelines, EXB Soft provides a full-scale development team comprising project managers, business analysts, developers, and testing engineers. The team consists of professionals proficient in financial software development to balance the project budget and deliver the loan management solution within the expected timeframe.

EXB Soft employs technical measures such as container orchestration, CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment) pipelines, and cloud automation to facilitate and accelerate the development, integration, testing, and deployment of the loan management software. These measures help streamline the overall development process and improve efficiency.

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