Business Analyst with product owner & PM skills


Client was looking for a business analyst lead to take over from our long time lead in this role.

This role tended to be a mix of understanding client goals and seeing what was feasible while also balancing our internal goals to improve and expand our platform. We played a key role in defining, planning, and documenting the features, integrations and enhancements we planned while working with your product team to define sprint goals and hit those targets.

  • Owned and maintained the product roadmap (With team lead for FE, BE & QA)
  • Prioritized features and development plans to achieve the product roadmap goals
  • Regularly reviewed all tasks in the relevant product board to ensure that any change requests were sufficiently well defined and correctly prioritized
  • Created and maintained detailed documentation required for successful planning and implementation of new features, such as research & analysis, user journeys, wireframes and rough mockups, as well as detailed functional descriptions.


What did this look like in a day to day:

  • Daily standup, supporting the team in answering goals of feature implementation, discussing possible outlier flows etc.
  • Reviewed client request lists and decided what were bugs the team should take on now and what should be taken to further scoping with clients.
  • Supported success team along with QA when clients ran into unique user scenarios.
  • Created documentation including user journeys, feature descriptions, basic mockups, wireframes and other research and analysis material to fully define new feature descriptions for implementation in next sprint.
  • Supported on a mix of client and internal calls.

Types of internal calls:product team update call with business and success team, sprint planning, sprint review, feature discussion deep dives.

Types of external calls: with support of the other appropriate team members status update calls on product. Product feature enhancement requests, product explainers for clients needing deeper dives into functionality or ideas on how to provide a solution to their requests.


Clearly defined detailed functional requirements (user stories) of assigned Immobel Product, and ensured they were understood by Design/QA/Development Teams

Took feedback in a variety of formats (videos, unstructured features requests, etc) from other teams such as Customer Success, Sales and the Leadership Team to identify and document enhancements, bug fixes and other change requests, and to ensure that they became sufficiently well-defined for successful implementation.

Ensured all documentation was clear and up-to-date for the assigned Immobel product, including interfaces to other Immobel products and third-party integrations/tools

Defined Acceptance Criteria with Dev/QA teams

Regularly practiced “spring cleaning” and refinement of the product board for the assigned product: ensured that tasks were prioritized, resolved, discarded or made sufficiently clear to move to implementation.

Worked with Dev Team to assess technical feasibility of product functions, and adjusted requirements accordingly

Sprint Planning: Ensured all user stories were clearly defined and approved, all wireframes were finalized and approved, developers were consulted and clear with implementation approach.

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