Full-Stack Development team for Lamina Technologies

This case study demonstrates how Lamina Technologies' collaboration with EXB Soft enabled them to increase production flexibility, reduce setup time, and improve efficiency.


The need to hire remote developers is the result of several changes in the IT industry over the last few years. Lamina Technologies is constantly expanding in all areas, and with that expansion comes the need for better operational tools. We are a group of six people. Some of us work in the Swiss headquarters, while others work remotely from Israel and the EXB Soft office in Kharkiv. Because of the quality of services, the time zone, and the mentality, we chose Ukraine as a leading destination for software development.

Impression about EXB Soft

Working with EXB Soft has proven to be a success because of the professionalism of the candidates they provided, as well as the pleasant and effective recruitment process. Furthermore, communication with the EXB Soft management team is always simple. Whenever we place a demand or even a simple question, we receive a prompt response and high-quality service.

Ukrainian developers are extremely conscientious, hardworking, ambitious, and easy to work with.

  • Consider the ability to communicate well with the remote team when evaluating a country for outsourcing. This is due to differences in mentality, the ability to understand one another, and the time difference.
  • Following the initial personal interview, insist on a few hours of pencil-and-paper testing in which the candidate must solve basic programming-related questions in pseudo-code.
  • Bring together the remote team to make them feel like one.

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