Mobile App Development for Pricena

Pricena, which was established in 2013 and is now a well-known price comparison website, enables online buyers in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Egypt, Kuwait, Nigeria, and South Africa to make well-informed decisions. Pricena offers complete details on costs, features, shipping costs, turnaround times, warranties, and return policies. The website's product search features up to 14.1 million products from 138 retailers in the UAE alone.


We had to create iOS and Android mobile apps. We were looking for someone who would consistently work on a project, take ownership, provide high-quality code, and always be reachable when we needed to get in touch with them.

We required someone responsible enough to be able to respond quickly to emergencies because app development has a high potential for crashes.

Due to the failure of our collaboration with a freelancer, we made the decision to engage full-time, devoted developers. EXB Soft arrived at this point.


We spent three years creating our apps with a mobile app developer from EXB Soft after starting off with no apps at all, and we were successful in achieving this. For the Pricena web version, we've also engaged a full-stack developer through EXB Soft.

Our current EXB Soft offshore developer, Roma, is developing the capability to feed files from our partner stores.

Value Delivered

I had a dependable partner who helped me create a product that I required for my business.

We were able to locate individuals with the necessary technical skill sets, but we were unable to pay for them. And EXB Soft was of assistance to us in this.

Being a technical person who works closely with EXB Soft developers, I can assess the code and attest to the high caliber of the services rendered by EXB Soft developers. It's also excellent when it comes to communicating.

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