Software Development for NFON — Dutch Cloud Telephony Platform

NFON has created a completely new cloud communication platform designed specifically for service providers and IT distributors. The platform is multi-user, reseller- and user-friendly, and its powerful features can be easily integrated thanks to a full set of APIs. The entire technical team has been based in Kharkiv since day one. The team works as an integral part of the NFON family. Currently, the technical team has tripled in size.


Because of difficulties with hiring technical specialists in the Netherlands, NFON founders decided to develop a technical team in Ukraine from scratch. This is where EXB Soft appeared with its remote software center service.


Twelve cross-functional tech specialists were initially hired by EXB Soft for the project, including multiple front-end developers, a .net backend developer, a QA engineer, several DevOps for NFON. These specialists formed the nucleus of the tech team and got to work on the creation of new products

Since the project's debut in March 2019, NFON has added more technologies to its roster. They switched from monolithic to microservice design and started working with Node.js. They also started developing React Native mobile applications. EXB Soft assisted NFON in staffing the team by identifying technical talent with the necessary expertise.

EXB Soft helped organize leadership training sessions, gave the tech team access to a separate, fully-equipped office, took on duties like paperwork and employee retention, selected efficient agile processes to ensure the team's quick growth, extended the team with senior experts, and hired talented juniors.


Technical specialists engaged by EXB Soft were able to join NFON's team and contribute right away and with ease. The team works on the core of the NFON product, and EXB Soft assisted them in hiring additional professionals to join existing team members due to the team's expanding clientele and desire to expand the NFON communications platform's functionality.

Why EXB Soft?

The following were some of the things that EXB Soft assisted NFON, a Dutch cloud telephony platform, with:

  • Finding and hiring experienced tech talent for project development of a core product, quality control
  • Maintaining the product development life cycle (by sourcing talent needed throughout all 3+ years of cooperation);
  • Setting the team up in one office for easier cooperation;
  • Effective retention of the team members.

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