App Development Services for a Security Solutions Provider

About 1,000 people work for the multinational company Security Solutions Provider in 16 international airports in Europe and Asia. Our daughter company, Security Solutions Provider Advanced Systems BV, focuses on creating security systems to address or enhance procedures that can be found in any security operation. EXB Soft has aided Security Solutions Provider in delivering digital solutions since 2015. For instance, one of the solutions enables security agents to carry out effective security checking activities in a skilled, proficient, and timely manner.

What’s your team composition?

Together with our two Dutch programmers, two developers who we hired through EXB Soft are currently working from an office in the Netherlands.

What is the contribution of EXB Soft developers to your product?

Two key Security Solutions Provider products are being developed by EXB Soft programmers as part of two primary products. The first one is a SARA dashboard that displays the location and status of active resources and security personnel. The second is an adaptive real-time multi-location resource planning system for real-time operational management that enables the creation of security schedules.

Our programmers work with a wide range of technologies, including both established ones like.Net and Xamarin and cutting-edge ones like.Net Core, Angular, and Vue.js.

What are the benefits of hiring Ukrainian developers with EXB Soft?

EXB Soft can assist us to find programmers who fit our budget and demand list because it has direct access to 300,000 Ukrainian tech experts. Naturally, the average developer salary in Ukraine has increased over the past ten years, but working with Ukrainian programmers is still twice as affordable as recruiting them domestically.

EXB Soft offers greater flexibility when scaling up and down a workforce. We can hire a whole team of programmers with EXB Soft in one or two months and let people go with one month's notice. In contrast, the Dutch employment legislation is strongly pro-employee and anticipates greater extra costs, like employment taxes and payments associated with firing an employee.

How would you describe the technical expertise level of Ukrainian programmers?

The EXB Soft developers we hired have good knowledge and the ability to solve some challenging issues. Our programmers are skilled in making the best use of available technology.

We needed to calibrate several parts of communication within our multi-cultural team when we first started working with new programmers, but over time things greatly improved. Even while several programmers had previously worked in Agile teams before joining Security Solutions Provider, they were accustomed to a more hierarchical method of problem-solving.

What value do EXB Soft developers bring to your business?

Expertise: Every day, EXB Soft's developers work to improve and add new features to our platform for security checking, the company's flagship product. The developers use their knowledge to streamline the development process and reduce the need for additional staff.

Innovation: EXB Soft developers are quick to pick up new technologies and the required abilities. Our Ukrainian developers' assistance allowed us to implement. These two relatively recent technologies on the market are Net Core and Angular.

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