White label application

White label application is an application designer enabling you to “compose” mobile applications from different components. The White label application-created application is cross-platform, that is, completely suitable to run on both iOS and Android.

White label application allows anyone to try on the developer’s role with no need to learn programming languages. Any White label application user can easily and quickly create content, skipping such routines as writing code, attracting developers, and paying for their work. The service will help create an application the client sees fit, and fill it up with new elements.


The EXB soft team faced several development challenges at once:

  • Development of a platform to create one`s own project with no programming skills needed;
  • Integrated LiqPay and Braintree for easy use;
  • An intuitive interface to quickly understand the principle of development and independently create the necessary application in the shortest time, without the need to engage professional programmers and spending costs on their services;
  • The most complete set of elements and components to meet all customer needs.


The White label application-developed application is completely suitable to be run on both iOS and Android; it is correctly displayed on the screens of various sizes. To further upload the developed app on AppStore or PlayMarket, the user can either download the application and dispose of it further, or get the signature of the White label application certificate, which will avoid difficulties with obtaining a developer certificate.

White label application supports several dozens of functions, such as booking tables, time and services, schedules, pre-ordering products, loyalty programs, social networks, photo galleries, Push notifications, etc.

In addition, White label application can create:

  • A poll about the quality of services provided or the introduction of new ones;
  • A form for feedback and suggestions, or otherwise set up customer feedback.

User benefits:

  • Push notifications with the function of mass or individual distribution, or with targeting on a certain group of users;
  • Chance to create an application that best meets the needs and requirements of the client;
  • Ability to be independently engaged in promotion and support without the help of expensive professionals;
  • Booking, ordering, and promotion templates are added in one click.


The main goal – to create a cost-effective and affordable application for any business – was achieved. It offers quick and easy creation of a cross-platform mobile application for use in various business areas. The White label application allows to avoid attracting third-party developers and reduces the costs of building an app.

Advantages of using the White label application:

  • Growth in the number of loyal customers.
  • The ability to create a professional mobile application without special knowledge in programming;
  • The user is independently able to update, test and promote an application;
  • Ongoing liaison with customers;
  • The option to store an unlimited number of versions of your application;
  • The option to quickly and easily add booking forms, orders and promotions;
  • The option to directly receive payments through the payment systems used in White label application;
  • The White label application service can also be used by Partners and Intermediaries to create and sell customized mobile solutions.

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