The team of New Line Technologies is working with a leading technology company that provides a powerful and holistic solution for digital advertising across all ad formats and screens. It helps marketers buy internet advertising space using a programmatic marketing platform, powered by machine learning algorithms.


The system goes back about 10 years and consists of a large number of components, which provides extremely granular targeting for digital marketers as well as real-time reporting system with instantaneous feedback on campaign performance. The research and development of the project involved a large team, and the New Line Technologies specialists faced the challenge to plunge into the already existing and large-scale digital media project.

The customer decided to upgrade to more advanced development technologies, and the initial task for our team was to work with the front end, but later it expanded to back end development.


The project is continuing to show strong growth, so the New Line Technologies team is doing a lot of tasks.

  • Front end involves the development, optimization, and updating of the interface in various parts of the project (informational section, statistics, dashboards) for driving advertising campaigns highlighting the ongoing reporting and analytics.
  • Our specialists successfully deal with considerable databases and high-load systems.
  • We carry out the development of new parts of the platform, integration, as well as update its existing components using the modern stack of technologies, new frameworks, and design approaches.
  • We managed to achieve the well-coordinated work of the customer’s team and the New Line Technologies specialists. All this allows us to support the Project’s integrated ecosystem of partners for data, inventory, brand safety, and fraud prevention.


The technology platform enables marketers and agencies to effectively target consumers with digital advertising maintaining transparency on costs and brand safety, and real-time reporting and analytics, bringing accountability to programmatic advertising to deliver business results. New Line Technologies helps marketing the platform be a leader in a growing industry, reduce costs, and increase efficiency.

Customer Software Development for Rider Level
Customer Software Development for Rider Level

Rider Level needed to develop the platform, which provides and regenerates GPS data into a ‘score’, where users can measure themselves.

Mobile App Development for Pricena
Mobile App Development for Pricena

The request was to develop a mobile application for iOS and Android. Requirements: high-quality code and a collaborative team, who takes ownership.

Business Analysis and Developement for anonymous reporting channel.
Business Analysis and Developement for anonymous reporting channel.

Requirement analysis and development for anonymous reporting channel Web App


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