Rider Level

EXB Soft experts have created a complex solution which ended in a big platform that consists of an admin panel, a website, and two separate mobile applications.

The platform provides and regenerates your GPS data into a ‘score’ and according to that result, there is a target point created which then the user can measure themselves.

Calculating the score also takes notes of the impact of the hills (ascending and descending), the length of the total journey, and stops which are occurred during the trip such as a shortstop for a traffic light or a longer stop for a coffee break.

React Native
C#/.Net Core
Our Advantages
  • Hybrid applications require less time and costs on development and maintenance.

Technical Implementation

The server side is responsible for processing data from all applications. Both mobile applications for managers and customers were made hybrid with React Native to cover iOS and Android platforms with two pieces of software instead of creating four native ones to serve the same purposes. The mobile app for managers is identical to the web admin system but has limited functionality. The system also has integration with the database.