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As the e-commerce industry continues to evolve and expand at a rapid pace, the need for efficient logistics solutions is more urgent than ever. To help third party logistics companies manage their multi-faceted operations, our dedicated and experienced .NET development team has created a robust e-commerce software solution. With a proven track record in .NET development outsourcing, our team can deliver the high-quality results your business needs to thrive in a competitive e-commerce environment.


The client is required to revise the current solution to accommodate new requirements. An internal team of developers has been working on the present project and does not possess the bandwidth to focus on the new functionalities.


We began incorporating one developer each month, thereby progressively expanding the team without burdening the existing programmers with additional tasks. By the time the team was fully assembled, our developers had already gained a thorough understanding of the client's product infrastructure.

Despite the complexity of the task, EXB Soft team .NET developers set out to create a complete software solution. Using our deep understanding and extensive experience in ASP.NET development, our team set out to create a unique software solution capable of managing all aspects of e-commerce.

The system has been designed with a wide range of features to manage various aspects of e-commerce, including warehouse and inventory management, order processing, shipping management, and comprehensive reporting.

The warehouse and inventory management feature of the software solution has been designed to give complete control and visibility into their inventory. We have created a feature that can efficiently track inventory movement and status.

Another integral part of the software was the order processing module. This module, developed using our external ASP.NET development experience, has simplified the process of accepting, processing, and submitting orders, making them more efficient and error-free.

Finally, we have developed a comprehensive reporting module. This module provided customizable reports that gave decision-makers valuable insight into their operations and allowed data-driven decision-making.


With our experience in .NET programming outsourcing and e-commerce application development, we have been able to provide a comprehensive and powerful e-commerce software solution. The software solution streamlined their operations, greatly increasing efficiency and productivity.

Software developed by our experienced outsourced .NET development team has enabled our clients to stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving e-commerce industry.

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