Use all or choose separate Azure DevOps Services you need to complement the existing processes.

Use all or choose separate Azure DevOps Services you need to complement the existing processes

DevOps Implementation Services

Automate your management, developing, and testing processes for quality results with fewer efforts

DevOps Implementation is a challenge for many companies. While adopting DevOps may decrease the software development cycle time with end-to-end automation, our company will help you overcome all the difficulties with organizational transformation and enhance organizational capabilities for high-paced and quality product development.

DevOps Implementation:

Five-step strategy to accelerate your business workflow

When you choose to implement the DevOps strategy, it is already one of the best solutions to increase the efficiency of your development team and help you beat the competitors in the market. To make the process of shifting to the cloud way even easier and faster for you, our experts will perform the assessment of your current processes, check the infrastructure and pipelines, and define the most appropriate tools to make it result in success.

We will start your DevOps implementation with a step-by-step roadmap:

  • Introduce DevOps initiative
  • Develop DevOps strategy
  • Use containerization
  • Integrate infrastructure with CI/CD tools
  • More test automation and QA-Dev alignment
  • Application performance monitoring

Step 1: Primary assessment to define the way DevOps implementation may boost your workflow

Step 2: Final assessment to estimate the success of implementation, define flaws in organization, management, and team communication

Step 3: Organizing and selecting the appropriate DevOps tools for end-to-end automation of software development and deployment

Step 4: Ensure integration, monitoring, and continuous delivery

Step 5: Have control over every project stage: check, review, and get feedback.

Our experts will guide and closely monitor every step of your DevOps implementation to help you achieve higher efficiency and decrease the delivery time!

DevOps Transformation

To stay ahead of the competitors and keep pace with the rapidly changing IT world, you need to implement new technologies and innovations. Our team will help you make the whole process the most painless and efficient. DevOps implementation will connect all development, testing, and delivery stages, while we will reassure flawless organization of the workflow.

Our consulting experts will provide you with any help you may need while transforming your teams’ working processes and adopting new powerful technological practices. You will manage to design and build a more efficient and productive end-to-end software development and deployment lifecycle with fewer efforts and much less time.

Our tactics that contribute to your success:

  • Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) tools creation for early problem detection and quality assurance.
  • Faster product delivery with increased automation at every stage
  • Customization of tools and services to meet the business goals.

Outcomes you can get with DevOps transformations:

  • Smooth and transparent workflow
  • Increased cooperation
  • Fast and efficient resolution to complex tasks and unexpected failures
  • Enhanced time-to-market product delivery
  • Improved system visibility for future vision and improvement

Benefits of DevOps implementation:

  • Improved performance of the team
  • Faster and more qualitative product delivery
  • he higher customer satisfaction rate
  • Increased security and reliability

Our Approach

We crave to help all our clients design and build a successful operational model of software development and deployment. While every project is unique and special, our experts will study the peculiarities and goals of your business to select for you the right tools for automation to increase the performance of your team, improve the workflow and cooperation of all groups, and decrease the time-to-market delivery. Our individual approach to your project will include:

  • Focusing on your “pains”
  • Designating DevOps implementation with CI/CO tools
  • Selecting and analyses of the tools’ efficiency for your case
  • Improving the automated testing
  • Integrating all selected services and cloud platforms

EXB Soft has sufficient technological expertise to tackle cloud infrastructure management jobs for you that will impress you with high-quality performance and a moderate price-tag. Contact us to give a powerful boost to your digitally-fueled business by hiring top Azure DevOps experts.


The goal of DevOps transformation is to automate workflow and start a continuous improvement cycle. The key to the DevOps transformation strategy is that there is no final state, only continuous evolution.

The DevOps strategy is already one of the best solutions for increasing the efficiency of your development team and helping you outperform your competitors in the market. DevOps may shorten the software development cycle time through end-to-end automation.

KYC triggers can include:

  • Launch the DevOps initiative.
  • Create a DevOps strategy.
  • Make use of containerization.
  • Connect infrastructure to CI/CD tools.
  • More test automation and QA-Dev collaboration.
  • Monitoring the performance of an application.


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