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Should You Develop Mobile Apps with .NET? Diving Into .NET Mobile App Development

Creating a mobile application is an integral part of any business promotion strategy. Since most people use smartphones to look up stuff and establish business connections, building a well-structured and client-centered application is a must. That's why .NET mobile app development is worthy of consideration for each business owner and web developer. By implementing relevant features in a hand-crafted mobile app, you get a sure way to promote through a high-quality user experience rate, smooth performance, and organic traffic

Moreover, apps help gain more relevance for your business identity and boost brand recognisability. Although, you'll be able to get such stellar results only with the help of tech-savvy and skillful web developers who specialize in diverse programming languages, particularly the .NET framework.

In this overview, we focus on this tool in detail by investigating its major characteristics and ways to adjust it for real-world cases.

The Essence of .NET Mobile App Development: Key Features & Perks

.NET is among the most widely used programming frameworks, a free developer platform applied for tailoring diverse web, mobile, and IoT applications. You can tune it with such programming languages as C#, F#, and Visual Basic to write high-quality, powerful, object-centered applications.

What specific features make .NET mobile app development smooth and approachable? Let's outline some of the major perks:

  • No matter what language you use, you may conveniently write code on any operating system: MacOS, Windows, or Linux.
  • CLS (Common Language Specification) compliance, so it's possible to use any programming language.
  • Single API (Application Programming Language) presents a contract of service for setting communication between two applications.
  • Availability of a healthy package ecosystem.
  • Possibility to craft native mobile applications that can run on iOS, Android, and other operational systems.
  • Compatibility with cloud services and custom solutions.
  • Integration of machine learning approaches to add smart models, visual algorithms, and speech processing to advance your app.
  • 2D & 3D game development that is compatible with all desktop OS.
  • Ability to craft IoT applications that connect and share data between devices and systems on the web, i.e., sensors connected to cloud platforms, analytical databases for businesses to get insights faster, and AI-powered networks like NLP.
  • More creation options are available with Visual Studio for more efficient workflow in mobile app development using C# or Visual Basic.

These features make .NET one of the most productive, fast-operating, cost-effective, and innovative development platforms the majority of developers prefer. No matter your venture’s scale - whether you're a startup or a fast-growing company - .NET application development framework offers you full-stack web development opportunities for your mobile app to run smoothly.

Another great .NET feature is its fast operating capability that enables better response time for applications. There's also a chance to access the Base Class Library, which facilitates file reading and writing, rendering graphics, and dealing with databases.

The Scope of Usability of .NET: What Tasks Can You Solve With It?

Besides developing mobile applications, the .NET framework can be applied for other duties to guarantee smooth performance and versatility for any project. We have provided web app development services for years, and .NET helped us develop amazing robust projects.

It's possible to adjust .NET for running any business process, such as recurring sales, financial services, or workflow management. For example, you can use it to build good CRM software to control the entire business operation.

It's possible to craft highly personalized and convenient applications that make your business stand out. Redesigning an app is no longer a problem to show your uniqueness and willingness to meet the growing user and market needs.

The platform’s versatility enables gaming applications development and adjusting seamless communication for your business between in-house and remote employees. This is enabled by an ability to integrate with your Outlook as well as email and chatting solutions.

How Does .NET Facilitate App Development?

Being a versatile framework for .NET mobile app development, it creates an ecosystem that promotes continuous performance improvement in desktop and mobile applications and consists of:

  • WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) - a UI tool to craft apps for the Windows desktop by developing app models, graphics, and layouts. A great benefit of WPF is an opportunity to design a customized application. But, on the contrary, this tool isn't compatible with iOS, Android, and Linux.
  • Windows Forms - another UI framework for tailoring full-featured Windows desktop applications. It supports various features for .NET app development like graphics with drag-and-drop visual designer, data binding, user input, and control forms for crafting interactive menus and toolbars.
  • ASP .NET Forms - enable the creation of graphical user interfaces for apps by applying reusable code that provides more opportunities for developers by saving their time and increasing efficiency. This framework also grants web pages flexibility and better operation.

Besides these helpful GUI tools for mobile app creation, Microsoft's Visual Studio tool has a much better rank among the frameworks. The vast majority of web developers prefer to use Visual Studio to write code and build a full-featured application.

Why Do Developers Prefer to Use .NET for Building Mobile Apps?

Even though .NET is just a framework, it offers a ton of positive aspects for programmers. The most essential one is its connection to the Visual Studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE), which combines standard development tools with a unique graphical user interface.

This option enables proper software code writing and source code editing. Also, IDE provides language automatic completion and checking written code for bugs, compiling the source code into binary code, and executing auto testing.

This tool helps developers program applications efficiently by avoiding manual configurations. Generally, IDE saves time - programmers don't need to write the entire code sequence manually.

Numerous technical and business-oriented IDEs on the market support several development languages (Java, Python, XML, etc.) and operating systems. So when dealing with .NET mobile development, it's essential to choose the IDE that operates on the needed platform.

Nevertheless, developers can bump into some pitfalls while working with .NET, like licensing requirements for tools operating on Microsoft; a small range of language coverage means Java/Python developers can't use .NET for app programming.

Defining Your Business Needs: Is .NET a Perfect Fit for Your Online Venture?

In case you're launching a business and plan to create a website application to enhance customer experience, the .NET framework is just what you need to adapt to kill the hassle. The best features of .NET are disrooting unnecessary code and applying a reusable one for preserving time and saving budget.

As a result, you have no software deployment and versioning. What's more, if you're searching for web developers specializing in specific programming languages, the .NET framework simplifies this task. This is a language-independent web development framework that can operate across various platforms and programming languages.

Another advantage is its MVC architecture which is Model, View, and Controller patterns. Altogether, these elements assist a programmer in composing a well-structured frame for their mobile app.

What are the major MVC component features?

  • The Model component performs data maintenance and database correction;
  • The View component represents data by promoting the user interface;
  • A Controller is an intermediary between the model component and the views.

Generally, these points facilitate your mobile app's readability and modularity.

Application development with .NET is a business-centered process that helps you to adhere to your intentions and goals while leveraging business ideas and promoting your productivity and ROI.

Expecting Drawbacks While Using .NET Framework for Mobile App Development

Even though the .NET framework is prevalent among developers and provides them with a wide range of applications they can run on different platforms, there may occur some pitfalls. They can prevent businesses from choosing it for mobile app development. What are the underlying reasons?

  • High cost in terms of licensing, i.e., the Visual Studio application takes more than $500 for a subscription or other Microsoft services that are quite costly.
  • Connection to Microsoft by default since .NET is a vendor lock-in framework and a product of Microsoft. It cannot be affected by the changes outside this ecosystem.
  • Memory insufficiency - a common issue for the framework since it doesn't free up memory if it's no longer in need.
  • Object-oriented programming approach instead of concentrating on actions and data. That's why some programmers suppose .NET is not flexible enough.
  • Not all of the primary programming languages support .NET, so the developers using Java or Python need to search for another web development framework.

.NET Framework's Platforms That Are Involved in Mobile App Development

.NET application development framework unites several platforms that improve its operation and functionality. The ecosystem involves the following points:

  • The .NET framework relates to the .NET Core platform, which sometimes can be interchangeable with it. However, it isn't always the case. .NET Core was created in 2016 as a more multi-functional platform that users can apply for tailoring websites on diverse platforms, including macOS and Linux. But, unlike the .NET framework, it doesn't perform desktop application development. A programmer needs to use the .NET framework for this case.
  • .NET Standard combines common features of the NET framework and .NET Core, despite available differences. This grants shared API standards of both platforms that facilitate the homogeneity of the .NET ecosystem.
  • Xamarin/Mone is used for mobile app development for iOS, Android, and Windows. This technology enables web developers to share up to 90% of the codebase within diverse platforms. Additionally, it facilitates achieving native UX and performance for all applications.

Have Uncertainties with .NET Mobile App Development? Turn to an Expert

Hiring an advanced web developer separately or finding all-inclusive web development services can benefit you greatly if you can't handle building a powerful application for your business on your own. EXB Soft can be your perfect companion - our seasoned team helps companies to refine backends and frontends, perfect designs, build disruptive web and desktop solutions, and bring business goals closer.

The EXB Soft services range includes:

  • Web application development that transforms your concepts and ideas into reality via web-based solutions;
  • eCommerce web development with quality-guaranteed UX;
  • Cloud development services to transform the operating capabilities of business projects.
  • Integration of third-party services to improve business functionality and interaction with other platforms and clients. These ready-made solutions will facilitate your business by avoiding the development of your own software for the same reason.
  • A/B testing as an improvement plan implementation to optimize and boost traffic, conversion, and profit.

The EXB dedicated development team provides businesses with exceptional web development services that are based on:

  • A strong team heavily specialized in web and desktop software development.
  • Providing customized service by focusing on your business ideas, vision, and venture identity.
  • Guaranteeing trustworthy partnership and full-scale attention for your project.

The EXB Soft company will come in handy for business software implementation; for projects that require more mobility and versatility; for companies that must cope with tight deadlines and get a stable connection running with remote employees.

If you want to dedicated development team, get in touch with EXB Soft programmers who will craft a worthy mobile application that fully meets your requirements and niche specifications. We are your one-stop trusty expert to grant a quick and smooth hiring process that reflects in long-term business results. We can also help you kick off a project within several days


With all the given features of the .NET framework, its ecosystem, architecture, and all the underlying pros and cons, it is certainly among the juggernauts of today’s software development. .NET does desktop applications, multi-platform products, and a myriad of web solutions, from hand-crafted websites to XML data transfer and storage solutions.

So there's really no difference what scale your venture is, .NET will become a perfect option for everyone because it's a cross-functional framework. And all the small pitfalls its practice brings to the table can be easily avoided and prevented with reliable professionals assisting you.

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